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I was B-Fit for Bridgestone TOUR B330-RX golf balls.   Rory McIlRoy -11 Miguel Angel Jimenez -11 Hideki Matsuyama -11
Had an absolutely great morning playing 18 at Falls Road GC with my kids and my boy's former 4th grade teacher.  He's a good golfer, albeit a bit inconstant, having played for his high school. He was suitable impressed with my kids golf abilities including knowing how to play fast, ready golf.  I've trained them well in proper golf etiquette.  That includes taking off the hat at the end-of-round handshake. :) I was pretty satisfied with my play, shooting a 91. Everybody...
Oy vey!  Do we ever get any resolution of anything in this show?
Just ordered a couple clubs from US Kids Golf for my son and daughter.     Got my son a TS57 5 iron.  He has a Cleveland junior set that has 7i and a hybrid but he feels there's a gap between them.  I'm not really sure about that, but oh well.   My daughter has the US Kids Golf UL57 set, left handed.  The set maxes out with a "fairway driver" so I'm getting her the actual driver to fill it out.
I have no information.  But given the state of the golf business and the state of their star spokesman, I can't say I'm that surprised.
http://golfshot.com/Rounds/Detail/161-28776483-28776656   Played 9 after work yesterday at Falls Road GC in Potomac, MD.  Pretty pleased with my 44.     If only I hadn't blown up on the par 3 #5.  Duffed iron, wedge into the greenside bunker, 2 to get out and 2 putts.  Doh!   For the rest of the 9 I hit 5 out of 6 fairways and got a par on the toughest hole, #4, a long par 5.
I shot a 59!  Too bad I had to leave after the 12th hole.  But I am reasonably satisfied with my 12 over par over those 12 holes.   Needwood Golf Course: 69.1/113   http://golfshot.com/Rounds/Detail/157-28669209-28669378
Most of the time I golf in Vibram walking/hiking shoes that I got at REI.  They're really comfortable to walk in.  The only problem with them is in the rain/wet.  Not waterproof and not great traction.  But when it's dry, I've never had a problem playing golf in them.     I do have an old pair of DryJoys that I use some times, but they really need to be replaced.  But on the other hand I don't really need golf shoes most of the time, so I haven't felt a real urge to get...
I used to sway a lot, and I've found that working on the Steady Head drills has helped me a lot.  Also check out the thread about making a centered hip turn.   http://thesandtrap.com/t/76114/how-to-make-a-centered-hip-turn
I want outrageous speed with a Callaway XR Driver     Rory McIlroy -7 Jordan Speith -7 Jimmy Walker -7
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