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Hit the stick!  130 yards out with an 8 iron.  Hole #8 on Needwood's executive course is a tight, 398 yard par 4.  Too narrow for a driver, so I hit a 3 wood off the tee.  Then I was 211 out, but I duffed my next shot, also a 3 wood.  So this shot was my 3rd.
Yup, I watch the LPGA regularly.  The Champions Tour, eh.  Short skirts vs beer bellies?  No contest.
When I lived in Houston, there was a lighted course that I'd play after work, Beacon Lakes.  It was fun, but if you veered off the fairway, you might have a hard time finding your ball.   http://www.beaconlakesgolf.com/
I've played in the 30's, but not anymore.  Now my cut off is 40 including wind chill.  Below 40 is just painful.
Here's a pretty good interview with Geoff Ogilvy in Golf Digest: http://www.golfdigest.com/magazine/2014-12/my-shot-geoff-ogilvy I'll quote the interesting, relevant bit: 
Too bad Katy got knocked off the show.  I liked her.
Slow players just don't know how to play ready golf.  They're not getting ready to hit their shot while waiting for someone else to hit.  You should have your club out and should be taking practice swings even as the other guy is hitting.  It doesn't occur to them to think about their own shot when waiting for their partner to hit.
I've started watching a sitcom, Benched, on USA starring Eliza Coupe.  She's a corporate lawyer who didn't make partner so gets a job as a public defender.  The first scene, where someone else makes partner instead of her is pretty dang funny.  
Wow! I'm watching Adam Scott play a par 5 like I would.  He's taken 2 penalty strokes and hit his 7th onto the green.
I picked The Open.  I love the history and the tradition.  To win on the Old Course would be unbelievable.
New Posts  All Forums: