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I shot a 46 in my league match today. My partner and I won 2&1. We went up 3 after 4 holes, then our opponents made a bit of a comeback. But we were up 1 through 7 and won 8 to clinch it.
I got Tiger.  Don't know why.  It's a mystery, since my game looks nothing like his.
Eh.  If I'm on a golf course, I wanna hit my clubs.
Interesting article.  It mentions the PGA Junior League.  My kids played in the league in the spring.  It was very popular.  It went so well that they're doing it again in the fall, even though they hadn't planned on it.
  Shot a 6 over 40 in my golf league match today.  That's the best I've played in a long time.     I took a golf lesson last week (also at Needwood golf course) and the pro helped me make more consistent contact with the ball.
They did so well the first day, but then it all went to pot.  Too bad. Yeah the stupid "Chinese Taipei" thing always bugs me.  My folks are from Taiwan, so I always root for them in international sporting events.  Too bad everyone is always kowtowing to the Chinese.  Just let them be called Taiwan.  Who cares what the Chinese want?
I'm no expert, but one thing struck me in watching the slo mo video.  The clubhead seems to get way ahead of your hands at impact.  Here's a pic that shows your left wrist broken down after impact.     I'll leave it to the pros to figure out if or how to fix it.
They should make them use persimmon head drivers and balata balls in the contest.
Yeah, I write and eat left handed, but I do all sports righty.  I'm not sure why.  I guess it just felt more natural when I was a little kid.  It wasn't about club availability, since I took up golf much later in life.   My daughter is lefty all the way, and finding clubs for her can be a bit of a pain.
Welcome!  I lived in Chapel Hill for 9 years as a student, so I'm a Tar Heel at heart.
New Posts  All Forums: