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I'm no expert, but one thing struck me in watching the slo mo video.  The clubhead seems to get way ahead of your hands at impact.  Here's a pic that shows your left wrist broken down after impact.     I'll leave it to the pros to figure out if or how to fix it.
They should make them use persimmon head drivers and balata balls in the contest.
Yeah, I write and eat left handed, but I do all sports righty.  I'm not sure why.  I guess it just felt more natural when I was a little kid.  It wasn't about club availability, since I took up golf much later in life.   My daughter is lefty all the way, and finding clubs for her can be a bit of a pain.
Welcome!  I lived in Chapel Hill for 9 years as a student, so I'm a Tar Heel at heart.
I play 9 most of the time. In fact I can't recall if I've played 18 this season. It just takes too long. Often our whole family will go out and play (me, wife, son and daughter). The county courses here have a great family rate. 10 bucks per person, although usually at twilight hours. Four of us playing 9 for 40 bucks including cart is a heck of a deal. I think my son and I will go play 9 today after work.
What the *#@$?  His practice swings look reasonable enough.  He has some sort of psychological block when it comes to actually hitting the ball.
Wow!  How cool is that?!?
On the Inside 9 course at Northwest Park, hole #2.  I hit a decent drive but it ended up a couple yards in the rough.  I was left with about 145 to the hole.  The lie didn't look that good, so I clubbed up to a 6 iron.  I didn't get much air under it.  It hit 20 yards short of the green, but just kept running.   Yay!  Tap in birdie!  
Very nice reads.  I follow ladies golf a bit, probably more than most, and I'd never heard of her.  It's cool when someone works there way up from the minors.  We see plenty of young phenoms, but it's good to see that you can grind your way to the top.
Shot a 41 over 8 holes in my golf league match today at Needwood golf course.  We won the match 3 and 2, and it started to rain so we skipped the last hole.  The league matches are 2v2 best ball for 9 holes.  Today's match was more about the other team not playing very well.  I don't think they won a hole.   I played pretty well.  I chipped really well.  I have to get more consistent with the driver.  I had a few really nice drives, but also a couple low, hooking pulls.
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