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It's pretty much this hat: http://www.rei.com/product/864758/rei-vented-explorer-hat- Although it looks like they only have a small size right now.  Mine is a large, I think.
Heh, thanks.  My wife is adamant about the big brimmed hat.  Being Asian, she doesn't like sun exposure, so she made all of us (including 2 kids) get hiking hats from REI.  It definitely keeps you cooler than a baseball hat in the hot summer too.
Welcome and yay North Carolina! Went to UNC for grad school so I love Chapel Hill.
Hello and welcome :)   I used to play volleyball in my younger days.  How are the courses in Switzerland.
 Fair enough.  Although going downhill with a push cart you can just let it go and it drives itself. :)
Yes, a fast golfer in a cart is faster than a faster golfer walking.  But as a fast walker, I can't recall the last time I held up any cart golfer.  I've always played fast, ready golf and am often waiting for riders at the next tee because I can take short cuts.  I've walked 18 holes in 3 hours.   I haven't yet gone to a pull/push cart.  I still carry my clubs.  I like the old school feel of it, and I figure I can use the extra exercise.  I suppose at some point when I...
  I took a golf lesson today.  They have a fancy recording setup, so I got the pro to send me a copy of the video.  This video shows a nice 7 iron swing I made.  I'm pretty pleased with my weight shift.  You can see the weight sensor in the upper right.   From y'alls suggestions I've been working on keeping my head steady.  I worked on some of the center pivot drills from the videos above and elsewhere.  I found that I was really feeling a stretch in my right hip on...
Cool!  I'm born in American, but my parents immigrated from Taiwan.  Also a Cal Bear :)
My son and I were paired on the weekend with a young man who plays high school golf.  My son was very interested because he hopes to play in high school when he gets there (4 years).  The boy said that it wasn't too hard to make the team, since golf isn't that popular these days.  So I guess it's lost the coolness factor of the peak Tiger years.   My son was encouraged because the boy said to make the team you just had to shoot 50 three days in a row.  Doesn't sound too...
That GameGolf link is cool.  Tempting!  What happened on your tee shot at #3?  Gotta maximize your birdie opportunities on par 5s. :) I shot a 42 in my league match today.  4 pars, 4 bogies and 1 blow up 8.  Stupid hole.  Lost my tee shot left, then on my 4th shot I hit a good 3 wood but could not find the ball.  I guess I must have flow the green, but I thought I was pretty far out. http://golfshot.com/Rounds/Detail/233-24710597-24710842 Oh, and partner and I won the...
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