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I've been using TheGrint.com.  It's an on-line/mobile site that keeps handicaps.  They say that they are USGA registered and their handicaps are valid for USGA sanctioned events.
Shot a 89 (46-43) yesterday at Northwest Park GC in Wheaton, MD.  That's the best score I've shot in a long time.  I signed up for Evolvr last week, and started working on the swing change Brian recommended, making a better hip turn instead of swaying back.  The first day or two of that was ugly, but I'm getting the hang of it and making better, more consistent contact.   Here's the card: http://golfshot.com/Rounds/Detail/207-29881665-29881884   If I can get rid of...
Will do.  Is it all right to post the Evolvr analysis videos?  Or is that proprietary or anything like that?
Welp, I finally got off my arse and signed up for Evolvr.  Here's the video that I sent in:   3 swings with a driver, down the line and face on.   Brian's analysis, which is pretty much the same as what Erik said, was that I need to keep my hips forward, i.e., not sway.  So I've started to try and do that, get better shoulder rotation and maintain my spine angle.  Unfortunately I started trying to change my swing right before I had a league match, so my swing was...
What?  No one else is hanging on to their original AT&T unlimited iPhone data plan like me? :)
Someone ought to live stream it with Meerkat or Periscope or whatever.
Hey, how about that.  I grep up in Normandy Park.  Highline would have been my school, but I actually went to high school in Tacoma (Charles Wright).
Yesterday I hit a 9 iron on Falls Road GC hole 9, a 120 yard par 3.  As it was in the air and going towards the pin, my playing partner kept yelling "Go in the hole!".  It was all over the flag but didn't quite make it.  I was left with a 4 footer for birdie.  Sadly I missed the putt.
Clicgear 3.5+ push cart.   I've always carried my bag, but I'm playing more golf these days, so I thought I'd give my back a bit of relief.  Happy with it so far, although i did squish a finger unfolding the thing.
I just saw it and was going to post.  Do I get it?  I still don't know.  Hmmm.
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