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Gorgeous!  I have to play that course one of these years.  I go back to Seattle all the time to visit my folks, and my high school is just down the road from there.   When are they closing the course for the open?
Well, this thread took a rather disturbing turn.
Hey how about that?  Lewis Black went to Carolina!  That makes two of us.
Saw a picture of their beer in cans.  Cans?  Not a fan.   Also the name is not inspiring.  They could have come up with something more interesting than "Golf Beer".
  Monolith by Split Single.  This is Jason Narducy's side project, when he's not bassist for Bob Mould and substitute bassist for Superchunk.
I'd give it a try, but that thread you linked to is 10 years old.  What ever happened?
  Well, here it is:  http://www.golfdigest.com/blogs/the-loop/2014/10/shriners-hospitals-for-children-open-pga-tour-pool-party-pictures.html Seems kind of silly, but, hey, it's boobs!
Interlocking with my right index finger down the shaft.  I grip firmly with the left hand and lightly with the right.   My putter is too long for me.  I'm not tall and bend over some, so my hands are down at the bottom of the grip.  I've thought about getting it cut down and maybe putting on one of those round, fat grips.
 Falls Road and Needwood.  Too bad the season is over.  Come to think of it, our end of season event took place at Musket Ridge.  The guy I was talking about was there, and this was after the patient had arrived, so you might want to avoid that course.  Another guy in the league was talking about sequencing ebola.  His lab is actually doing it.  Not something you'd hear in most golf leagues, I'd guess. BTW, you don't have to work at NIH to join the league, if you're...
 Heh.  I work at NIH, so I'm sitting about half a mile from the patient.  And my house is closer too :) Come to think of it, I'm in the NIH golf league with the guy who runs the unit where these patients are kept.  Played with him a few weeks ago, just before they brought in the first ebola patient.
New Posts  All Forums: