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Just ordered a Bushnell Tour V3 laser rangefinder from Sports Authority.  It was too good a deal to pass up, $233.19 including tax and with free shipping.
I was up in New York over the weekend visiting my brother.  On Friday we played Bethpage Black.  On Saturday we placed his club, North Hills, and on Sunday we played the back 9 at Harbor Links.     At Harbor Links #12 is a shorter par 5.  I hit a good drive leaving my 235 to the green.  Then I hit a hard fade/easy slice with my 3 wood that ended up to the right on the side of a hill.  With 90 yards left and the ball above feet, I hit a sand wedge that hit the stick....
Played Bethpage Black today.  It was awesome!  Possibly the most beautiful course I've ever played.  Shot a 49-49, 98, which I'm not unhappy with.  I'm glad I was able to stay in the double digits.  And I finished with a good par.
  Here's the 2nd video I sent in to Evolvr.  6 iron, 3 swings down the line and 3 swings face on.  Brian's comments back were very complementary, so that was really nice.  The only real thing he pointed out was that he wanted my hip turn to follow the shoulder turn.     I've been emphasizing the hip turn since that has been my main issue.  So I was kind of leading with the hip turn and maybe over doing it.  Now that I'm getting the feel of it, I guess it should more...
My college roommate played Pebble in the early 90's.  It costed him $270.  That's probably more than 500 bucks in today's dollar.
Very cool pics!
I'm very interested, although I'll have to check with the wife and kids.  We won't know what their schedules will look like until school and sports gets going in the fall.   It looks like it's about a 6 hour drive for me, from the Maryland side of DC.  What time do you think things would finish up on Saturday?  Anyways, if it runs late I can always bail a bit early.  I just hope to get home at a not insane hour, say midnight or 1 am.  If anyone else around DC is...
Like most folks I carry driver and 3 wood.  Way back when I first started playing I used to also carry a 7 wood, but that's been replaced with a 3 hybrid.
I've bought stuff from iFixit before with no problem.  Even more so I've used their repair guides to open up and fix all sorts of Mac laptops over the years.   On the other hand, you don't have to by replacement hard drives from a Mac specialty store.  The drives, flash or spinning, are the same as any other, non-Mac, laptop.  So you could go to Amazon or NewEgg or wherever.
I've been using TheGrint.com.  It's an on-line/mobile site that keeps handicaps.  They say that they are USGA registered and their handicaps are valid for USGA sanctioned events.
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