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I used to sway a lot, and I've found that working on the Steady Head drills has helped me a lot.  Also check out the thread about making a centered hip turn.   http://thesandtrap.com/t/76114/how-to-make-a-centered-hip-turn
I want outrageous speed with a Callaway XR Driver     Rory McIlroy -7 Jordan Speith -7 Jimmy Walker -7
I lived in Galveston, Texas for a few years and would regularly play out in the high 90 degree/100% humidity weather.  Lots of water, a big, wide brimmed hat, and stay in the shade as much as possible.
I've been trying out GolfMatch, a social networking app for golfers.  I rather like it.  You can see what nearby golfers are up to.   http://golfmatchapp.com
I've followed her on twitter for a while.  I like her writing.     Yes, she did break the rules, but I think the PGA Tour is going way overboard.  Suspend her for the whole season?  Pretty ridiculous.  So now she's out of a job for the year?  And she's a lowly blogger.  It's not like she was raking in the big bucks.
I was visiting my alma mater, UNC, and got together with some old friends to play The Preserve at Jordan Lake in Chapel Hill.  It's a housing development course designed by Tar Heel Davis Love III.  You have to ride a cart, since you cross multiple streets.  Lots of elevation changes.  The greens were in good shape, but the fairways and tee boxes were pretty bad.     Anyways on the 135 yard par 3 17th hole, the flag was in the back, behind a bunker, and I hit a beautiful...
Mac McCaughan, "Wet Leaves"   He's the lead singer of Superchunk, and his new solo album came out yesterday.
I tried the Ping driver at the store and liked it.  The irons I actually won in a drawing.  I never tried them before I got them, but so far I like them a lot.  Very easy to hit, even the 4 iron, which I haven't carried in a long time.
My wife carries the exact same set of clubs.  I'm not that much of a minimalist, although honestly it probably wouldn't affect my scoring that much using a half set.   For most of my golfing career I carried 12 clubs.  Right now I've got 13, but that's because I have a new set of irons that includes a gap wedge and a 4-iron.  I'm not sure I need either one, but they're new, so I'm just learning their distances.
Interesting!  I'm also using an old, beat up Odyssey, so it'd be cool to do something like that.  Do you have a web link for them?
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