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I like ipads, so I'd get another.  But it not an ipad, how about a Chromebook?  They're in a laptop form factor and run Chrome OS.  Ideal for web surfing and light use.  And you'd avoid Windows, which would be a plus for me.
I'm not really emotionally attached to my clubs.  Except my new Ping G30 driver.  So in general, I would, except that one.
 Way cool!  I didn't get to see the SOTU.
  I recently bought a new driver, a Ping G30.  With the cold weather, I haven't been able to take it out on the course, but I've gone to the range a couple times.  It's definitely longer and straighter than my old TM Tour Burner TP.  The ball jumps off the club face quicker and my fades fade less.   As far as my swing goes, I've been working on not swaying.  I don't have a face on view, since I just put my phone on the wall behind me.  But I think I am getting better...
They got blown out by Miami in Cameron!  I watched the last 12 minutes, and Duke looked hopeless.
Cool, although he's an hour away from me.  Gotta get someone a bit closer. 
What a great weekend!  Carolina beat Louisville at the buzzer and Duke fell to NC State!   Here's Marcus Paige's game winning layup: It was the #1 play on SportsCenter last night.
Welcome to The Sand Trap!   My hometown is Seattle and was just back there visiting the folks.
In his honor, the Tar Heels had a Stu patch on their uniforms tonight.   http://instagram.com/p/xfa8hEu8Xk/
I got turbulators.  I dropped by the Golf Galaxy the other day, and decided to try out a Ping G30 driver.  It felt really good, although the distances on the simulator didn't seem that great.  I couldn't resistant and bought it anyways.  I took it to the range yesterday.  It's definitely longer and straighter than my old TM Tour Burner TP.  Who says you can't buy a game. :)
New Posts  All Forums: