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I got a gigabit connection, but my iOS 8 download is still crawling along.
Here's me: http://instagram.com/dave.chen and my son teeing off: http://instagram.com/p/s8K5-ZLQ1Z/?modal=true
Picked up a demo lady's Baffler 4 hybrid for the wife.
Here are the results for my internet at home. I've got the basic package for Verizon FIOS, 25 megabit up and down. With a fiber connection, I could upgrade all the way up to 300 mbs, but don't really feel the need. Going to 50 mbs would only cost me 10 more bucks a month, but I'm OK with my current plan.
Well, I do work for the government. We are also a member of the Internet2 consortium, so we have 10 gigabit connections to other members (research universities, government research labs and industry sites).
I'm at work. It actually seems lower than it ought to be. I think the bottleneck is somewhere else down the line.
I voted no difference. I think I might actually do a bit better with the slower greens. You can bang them and you don't have to worry as much about break.
I caught a bit of the tournament replayed the other night, and the greens looked pretty ridiculous. Very steep and fast.
Ok. I'll work on trying to get more hip turn and stopping the swaying.
Looks interesting. There's also a Ping putter app. Haven't tried it, but you mount your iphone on the putter and I guess it measures things.
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