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I'm a huge Superchunk fan from my time spent living in Chapel Hill, NC in the 90's.  Other favs include the Beatles, REM, Genesis, Talking Heads.  Individual musicians would include Vienna Teng, Robert Earl Keen and Kathleen Edwards.
Very good article describing the problems of golf today.  I don't think we'll be getting back to the hey days of the Tiger years.  Companies and courses are just going to have to adjust to lower levels of participation.
I'm going to get fit for a driver.  I've been feeling better about my swing, thanks in part to the help here.  So I figured since I've been hitting the ball more consistently, I thought it's time to get fit.  I wasn't sure it was worth the trouble back when I was chunking and thinning shots all over the place.   Until now, all my clubs have been ones I picked up on eBay or other discount places.  So this is the first time I'm looking at get a shiny, new, latest tech...
Eh, the notion of amateurism in the Olympics is long gone.  And way back when it was a means of keeping the riff-raff out anyways.  Like in the movie "The Greatest Game Ever Played" it was just a way for the gentlemen to look down on the pros.
Welcome, and greetings from the other side of the Potomac. :)
Heh.  That's funny.
The X wings zooming across the water was awesome!  I got goosebumps watching the whole thing.  Can't wait till next winter.
Hit the stick!  130 yards out with an 8 iron.  Hole #8 on Needwood's executive course is a tight, 398 yard par 4.  Too narrow for a driver, so I hit a 3 wood off the tee.  Then I was 211 out, but I duffed my next shot, also a 3 wood.  So this shot was my 3rd.
Yup, I watch the LPGA regularly.  The Champions Tour, eh.  Short skirts vs beer bellies?  No contest.
When I lived in Houston, there was a lighted course that I'd play after work, Beacon Lakes.  It was fun, but if you veered off the fairway, you might have a hard time finding your ball.   http://www.beaconlakesgolf.com/
New Posts  All Forums: