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I've got both, not that I've used them much.  Since Meerkat got locked out of the Twitter API it's hard to find people there, so I've mostly been using Periscope.
Nah.  I play in a golf league after work.  Just to make my tee time, I'm leaving work early.  So extra time to warm up isn't a possibility.
  I'm a big fan of Sutton Foster.  She's got a new show, Younger, created by Darren Star.  You can watch the first 4 episodes on youtube.
Winter is COMING!!!
Welcome.  I actually visited Aberdeen once for a conference.  Played Murcar Links.
I personally prefer white balls but don't really care what anyone else plays.  I certainly wouldn't give anyone crap for playing a colored ball.  It does seems like the guys that play yellow balls tend to be older and have trouble seeing the ball.
I'm in.  My bracket is "tar heel dave".  I've got my Tar Heels in the Final Four and Kentucky winning it all.
I've written a bunch of technical papers and a dissertation, does that count?  As to whether I'm a better writer or golfer, I dunno.  I kind of suck at both.
Woohoo!  Break out the Old Bay!   Welcome!
Didja watch the Tim Cook Apple Watch Extravaganza?  What did you think?   I don't think we say anything really surprising.  It looks fine, but the nicer versions get pricey (and I'm not even talking about the 10k gold one).  I don't really care for the looks of the low end, sport one, but I don't want to shell out for a nicer looking one.   The apps looked all right.  About what I'd expected to see.  It seems like mainly a peripheral device for the iPhone, really....
New Posts  All Forums: