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Bumped up to the top.
Just wanted to pimp this web site to you all Its a football mmorpg where you can create a player for any position and build their stats up. In addition you can own a manage a team with a lot of front office options dealing with stadium seating, salaries for players you sign, and etc. Goal Line Blitz
I totally agree and I would like to add 5 to each category that will just not get reported.
Thanks for the good visual.
Totally nailed it.
Well I have a couple so here it goes. The Ford Shelby GR1: 1970 Roadrunner "Hammer" (this is really a plymouth satellite which is fine with me): The Mach-5:
Aug 23 - King Louis XVI of France (1973) - Daniel Ruettiger "Rudy" (1948) - Rick Springfield (1949) - Kobe Bryant (1978)
We both know how flexible I am since I cant even reach my toes on my right foot.
thanks guys I will try these tips the next time I go out
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