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Any comments would be appreciated, even just rating it! My goal is by Week 4, or Day 30, to send my swing to a golf coach.   IACAS! Please Comment!  Love your opinions!
I wanna update everyone, while I'm still here on missions, I was able to record my swing.  Its only been a few weeks of practice and there are no facilities or coaches to aid me here, so here it is: 
ahh I'm on church missions right now and won't be able to hit any balls for 3 months until I return to the states, any help would be appreciated in terms of swing thoughts, mechanics.   I'm just working on creating more width in my takeway keeping my left shoulder from raising flat.
btw... I can name about 5 problems in my swing   but lets not turn this into a bashing contest por favor
Alright Guys here it is: A few things to keep in mind before analyzing -the camera is a hair inside down the line -the clubs I'm using are Titleist DCI's (not my clubs and not my specs) -swinging about 70-80% with a slower tempo  
this thread probably doesnt look to good right now - oh well atleast i tried :)
mines a bit different, but i see the similarities....   i plan on keeping everyone updated - almost like a multiblog or a megablog where many of us can keep an update or a tab on the progress   Also it's themed as a comeback, as for me, I was shooting mid 70's from the tips in high school but now as a junior in college and leaving the game for 3 years and about 60lbs lighter, i thought it would be cool   one of the things I plan on doing is posting my swing...
So I decided I want to make a thread for all of those who have golf oriented "resolutions" for this coming year.  Thought it would be great, necessarily doesn't have to be a comeback but hopefully we can gain some insight and be able support each other as a community.   Please no negativity and abusive criticism.     For my comeback,   I am deciding to train with a top 50 golf instructor so I can become a top 250 amateur in 2 years.  I have a lot of small...
So Economically Tiger wins just from the marketing and purse money standpoint.
My putting isn't really the issue here though, thanks for the replies guys   My goal right now is to be able to walk on to the Division1 team and play some high level amateur golf until I graduate   After I graduate, I plan on making a shot into the mini tours, and if that fails my backup plan is grad school   Thanks for all the rplies!
New Posts  All Forums: