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When  I hit drives like that hook, I never find the ball!
Is Tiger wearing a white undershirt under his polo??
Not professional at all IMO.
  Great fight on the 2nd nine by Rory.
Great reception after Ben's 18.  Watching his interview in Butler's cabin now.  Such a throwback dude.  Giving props to everybody but himself.
Really interested to see how Rory answers right now. One of the 1st majors where he was a decided favorite; the chance to make history. Now he's on the cut line.  No realistic shot at winning. Let's see how he fights it out.
 Phil has balls.  He put a couple hundred grand into options that were set to be worthless in a matter of days.  Instead they multiply in value.  He plays with money like his shot selection on par 5's! More seriously, without emails or testimony from someone, there will be no way to prove Phil broke any laws.  Good timing isn't illegal.
+1.  I wonder if that maneuver was after a lot of obfuscation on the part of Phil and his legal team.  Phil and Co. really don't have to cooperate fully w/o subpoenas or charges.
I finally sat down and read some of the allegations in details.  Realizing they're just allegations, I can see how Phil has some explaining to do.   4 days before the their expiration Mickelson and this big time gambler, who self-reportedly pulls down $50~$60mm per year in his gambling and other biz activities, buy a gang of Clorox call options, giving them the right to buy Clorox at a set price.  Then Carl Icahn announces his big stake in the company and the shares...
Phil's attorney said he's not the subject of any investigation but the reports seem to indicate otherwise.  I will definitely follow this to see what stage of the investigation the feds are in.
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