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SMH.  Joe, I have to question your recollection of Tiger calling Sergio a racial slur. I highly doubt that occurred because it would've been a big story.  
Whether the comment was or was not racist is now just a matter of what label we want to put on the situation. To me, Sergio was trying to take a negative shot a Tiger based on part of Tiger's racial makeup.  I think that's pretty clear.  I don't need everyone to agree to label the comment "racist" for the comment to be considered unacceptable and despicable.     I just read that Sergio's Taylormade deal is worth $5 million per year!  No wonder he could hardly sleep!
Fortunately, I found this story after I got sick of hearing of this latest episode of the Tiger/Sergio saga:   http://gma.yahoo.com/blogs/abc-blogs/okla-tornado-survivors-reunited-dramatic-photo-133355780.html?vp=1   It made my day.  
Totally agree.  On Morning Drive, someone said this has been a "back and forth" and I thought to myself, "no it's not." Tiger hasn't really offered much, beyond his initial explanation.  Sergio has seemingly and freely expanded his commentary from the actual incident on the 2nd hole, to his feelings for Tiger generally.  And now this ... he really made his bed on this one.  
No, b/c I am not saying anything about all Spaniards. I pointed towards those Spanish fans that painted their faces black, made monkey gestures and sounds towards Black sports figures - all questionable at best actions.  Sergio's actions were also questionable at best.    SMH    
Dumb a** Sergio... SMH.  Because the recent racist behavior of Spanish fans in soccer, Formula One and Basketball, I personally cannot give Sergio the benefit of the doubt here.  
You would think that the PGA banned list is better defined than this.  The WADA Prohibited Substances list is very public and the timing on changes are pretty clear also.  I'd be curious how the PGA Tour defines it's banned substances list.  Either way, Vijay was upfront, followed the process and has been exonerated.  
What a turn of events to wake up to ...   So is The Morning Drive wrong when they said that there is no hard and fast measure for the "as close as possible" language of the rule?
Charl Schwartzel is looking a little distraught on the range ... hit an iron then shook his head. Then crouched down with his head facing the ground for a couple seconds and tossed down a club for an alignment aid. Wonder what his shots were doing before that?
I wish I knew how many times, if at all, Tiger tried to hit a draw with his driver off the tee this week.
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