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I am old enough to have seen both and have no hesitation is saying Tiger is the best ever. This past US Open put him over the top in my mind. Tiger is a monster and no one can compare to him.
Yep, congrats to Tiger! Move over Jack there is a freight train coming through. After this monumental win, Tiger in my mind is the best to ever tee it up! Best US Open I have ever seen!
When getting fit, the best thing is to go in with a very open mind. Try some different clubs, then start with different shafts. Let the launch monitor stats help direct you to the club that best fits your swing. Enjoy the process if is fun and quite educational.
The best thing would be to get properly fit on a launch monitor. This can tell you the ball speed, spin rate and launch angle of the clubs. Shaft stiffness, kick point, swing speed, head loft and design all play a role in the ball flight. Get fit and let the scientific numbers lead you to longer more consistant drives.
I am speachless........
This question is an easy one......Ecco. The most comfortable golf shoe you can purchase. Their dress shoes are also excellent and last forever. You get what you pay for. if you are looking for inexpensive, you may want to look at the Footjoy E-comfort series of shoes. They are definitely comfortable, but not like Ecco.
For what it is worth....I really like the B330. Great ball. A few dollars cheaper that the Titleist, but I find them to be quite a bit more durable. A full wedge will still rough them up a little but not like the ProV1.
1) EXCELLENT point on Sergio's comment about Tiger. This is exactly what I was thinking when I heard this. 2) I wouldnt worry about Tiger being "too old" for Anthony Kim. Better to just worry about Kim being in the field in 5-10 years. Nothing is a guarantee. He is off to a good start, but lets see what happens.
Absolutely! I like seeing the best of the best. Tiger is by far ahead of any player in this generation and arguably the best of all time. I didnt stop watching golf because of his latest injury, but am definitely lookinf forward to his return.
I typically buy all my stuff from the local golf store. Yes it is more expensive, however I know that I am not getting any clone or being scammed. I also get to hit every club on a launch monitor to test the feel, launch, spin etc... When investing this much money in equipment, I prefer to do it only once. (buying 2 sets on ebay to find "the one" is more expensive than getting fit and paying more 1 time.)
New Posts  All Forums: