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Gotta go with the majority here....Yanks and Phils but with Yanks going down in 5
I got to this thread too late but Heritage Hills is great right now(played there last week).....Quail Chase is OK too (played today)
couldnt think of anything funny
mine is just funny looking to me
+1 all whites for me too
WHAT?!?!?!?!!? No Method putter!
You really cant go wrong with any of the Mizzy's
There are two newer versions of these balls a blue and gold and they are both very good balls not quite Pro V1 but IMO they are better than an NXT tour.....I gave up the Srixon Zstars for them
I have been gaming the Futura recently(again).....its old and ugly and not very desired but yet i can still roll in a lot of good putts with it.
House of Forged Taiwan proto
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