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Statement here http://www.tigerwoods.com/home   http://www.tigerwoods.com/news/2014/04/01/70599322/tiger-unable-to-play-in-the-masters-after-successful-microdiscectomy/
@wigolfer ask at the desk at Kiva if they can get you a better rate / tee time at Peninsula. When we stay there, I play Kiva, Peninsula, and GSGC. For high handicappers, GSGC is by far the easiest of the 3. Then would come Peninsula, and Kiva is a pretty strong track. Bring plenty of golf balls and tee if forward for sure. I also agree with @MexBurtReynolds food rec's. Tacky Jacks is the closest to you by far. If you go into Gulf Shores (20-25 mins away), be prepared to...
I think a lot of us do that for a couple of reasons.1. most of think we are better than we are and2. when I watch touring pros on TV, they seldom show someone missing the green from 100 yds, even though stats tell us that it happens quite a bit.
mdl..just curious on why you would go with the 712's when the 14's are out?
I have a combo set similar to what you are looking at. I went with the 714 AP1 4-6 and AP2 7-GW. I like the set a lot, but honestly if I had it to do over I would go all AP1. Just my .02
Just signed up...Trunk Slammers
I hope that's a joke...  
Well said....to the OP...if you have to think about marking it, and lining it up, it's not a gimmie. Putt out.
And what does that get him? Another "reality show" on the golf channel. I can see that type of "reality" on my home course any day of the week...
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