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  More hip slide....ahhhhhh thanks iacas!!!
  Can you please show me an example? And some tips on how to finish lower? Thanks!
any other ideas on why the picture above is bad?  I'm think not enough weight shift/hip slide?
I thought the 7 wood was going to be the answer to my gap too but I actually hit my 7 wood just as far as my 5 wood?  I ended up getting a 4 hybrid and now everything fits the correct way from a yardage stand point.  I guess you will have to try both to see what is best for you but that was my experiment with a 7 wood.  
I bought my Mizuno MP 57's off ebay a few years ago and had no issues what so ever. 
I appreciate you comment and when i pause Rory's swing the big thing I notice is his hips are pointing towards his target and mine seem to be way more closed.  Thanks again I will have to work on this!!!
someone has to have a thought on why the picture above is bad?  Please help.  
What exactly is wrong in this picture?  I've read the slide you hips a ton but need more info here?  Thanks!!
Any of my fellow sand trappers use this place for buy or getting fitted?  It seems like a very sweet place with all the latest technology?  If you have I would love some feedback, thanks!   Here is a link: http://www.pureimpactgolfstudio.com/
Just picked up my Iomic Midsize putter grip today and put it on my Scotty and I have to say i like the feel of it compared to the oem Scotty grip.  Can't wait to take it out on the course.
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