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I loved my TeI3 too...so much I just bought another one off Ebay this week.  Can't wait to get it.   
I will agree that your right hand is way too strong.  In which the club is closing and making the ball go to the left.  I would work on making that right hand a little weaker and see what that does to your ball flight. Your current grip is the picture in the middle at least your right hand. 
1. Kyle Stanley 275 2. Martin Kaymer 278 3. Ernie Els 278
Take the time...I too didn't have the time when I bought my Mizuno 57's and ended up with PX 6.0 shafts.  Needless to say I had 2 years of horrible golf and the entire time wishing I was fitted correctly.  Well after sub par golf shots I made time this year and was fitted and the proper fit for me was KBS stiff.  So then I had to purchase the shafts and have them installed.  Wishing the entire time that I would have taken the time to do it the first time around.  I told...
    I wish I could get my swing up to 110...nice job!
just post some pictures of what you bought we should be able to see if they are fakes or not. 
    Block and Rock?  Never have heard of this before?
Ok...well I finally pulled the trigger on my purchase of my new driver. Drum roll plz.....................................................   Ping G 20 10.5* stiff.   Overall for me the numbers on the launch monitor were the closer for me on this driver.  I never owned a Ping club ever but this driver has such a good feel and I was able to pick up a little more club head speed (106-108 mph), more launch 12.5-13* and more ball speed 157-160 in which all these...
I would say the shafts have had some advancements since the 90's but the players iron hasn't.  But as of drivers I would for sure take a look at a new one.  Just yesterday I tested my Taylormade 510 TP against a new driver and I added more launch and more ball speed which equals more distance.  Hope this helps.
never even heard of the site....but the prices look too good to be legit.  I would stay clear of this site...
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