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I currently have the 57's and are by far the best club I've ever hit. A good amount of playabilty and forgiveness. Last year I had 67's and I'm simply not good enought for those.
Wedges are going to be my next purchase, why don't you buy them off ebay?
Just wanted to see how many of you buy your clubs off of Ebay or prefer to spend a little more in the store? I've been buying a good amount of my equipment off Ebay. It's hard when you can save up to 50%. Thoughts?
Sounds like the swing is a tad to steep. Try to focus on your shoulder turn and get the back to the target. Usually for me if I don't get enough turn with my driver I hit those 300 yard drives 100 yards out, 100 yards up and 100 yards back down....good luck!
Well I've been fighting this for a while now and have seeked lessons to get rid of them. What my problem was I didn't have enough extension in my take away and my right elbow tucked into my side. The golf tech guy gave me a drill with a ball in between my arms to promote a one peice take a way. But I also needed to make sure I get enough shoulder turn. I think I've beat the old shank a rousky but I need to keep working at it....good luck.
I built a belly putter out of an old putter I had laying around and I love it! Well at least through the first month of the season. Haven't made more putts outside of 10 feet ever.
I'm in sales and work from a home office so I can see all great posts on tst!!
New Posts  All Forums: