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LOL......the current high bid is $800
Ebay doesn't work like that...in order for the 5K bid to come into play someone else would have to bid it upto $4990. 
So I would have to assume he bought the Rocketbalz and R11's from his work too?
this guy is caught red handed I'm going to send him a message on Ebay asking what is up and why they look so different, just to see what story he tells me....
Thanks for the updates guys since my first post I've been to several places hitting different clubs and all though I want some of the newer technology with an adjustable head I just like the look and feel of the classic.  I haven't pulled the trigger yet on the purchase but I think the 290 gram Classic is going to find its self into my bag this year.  Thanks again for the updates on your findings.
I have but I have never been a big fan of Cobra...I've tried to hit them and it just doesn't feel or look right.
Thanks for all the reply's, I do have some speed to my swing or at least I think I do (104 mph) with the driver.  I had the first Adams and I liked it until the shaft broke on me and then after that it just didn't seem the same.  I think I may take a look at the new Nike.  I stopped by the local Golfsmith today but it was just to get some new KBS shafts installed on my irons.  I looked at all the nice new drivers but didn't take any for a test drive just yet, I didn't...
Ok..it's time to get with some of the new technology available in drivers and was wondering what my fellow sandtrappers have hit and what you bought?  Personally I'm thinking about two different drivers.   Razrfit from Callaway and Cleveland Classic.   Any and all thoughts would be appreciated.   Thanks.
No updates in a while???? I like the read..
I like the book as I found some useful hints about the grip and arms.  I find myself compressing the ball more with this grip?  Overall good book...
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