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thanks for the nice link I think I have an idea of something I can do.
Anyone out here use one of these?  It seems like a good idea just want to know what feedback you may have if you used one.  Thanks.
sorry I meant to say 50" long putter....
Anyone have a used 50" belly putter? If so please let me know what you have and how much, thanks!
Thanks for the reply's, I had a R5 TP a while back and wish I would have kept it.  I will have to take a look at the S2's and the 4DX.  T
Just looking for some thoughts on what everyone thinks the best VALUE on a 2-3 year old driver would be?  I was think the Callaway FT-3 Tour driver or the Bridgestone J33R?  Anyone others out there??  Thanks!
+1 for Mizuno's love the new spinner shafts and the soft feel of these.  Almost bought the scratch but went with the mizzy's.
Taylormade V-Steel...super club for the price.
so nobody has any information on this?
So I'm thinking about picking up one of these drivers and I have noticed that some have a bore thru shaft and some don't?  It appears the drivers that have the bore thru are refurb's from Callaway?  Anyone have any expericence with these drivers or any insight to the differences?  I've searched but can't find any positive or negative reviews? Thanks for the help.
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