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Thanks for the quick input, I will give these thoughts some serious thought the next time I on the range.  Thanks again!
I'm still missing it? I should be applying more pressure with my trigger finger? Correct??
I'm still looking for that "Aha moment" I have had 2 solid sessions on the range and I still can't figure it out.  At first the PBS was flying off but at least I've solved that issue. I have only been able to hit solide chips with the PBS? Any time I try to move up to a 7 or 8 iron I don't see/feel any positive results?   What exactly is your thought with the trigger finger?  Any other little hints would be appricecitaed too, thanks!!  
Ahhhhh...I guess not.  Need to work on that part I guess.
Mine did the exact same thing and I had to wait before I could run out on the range to get it.  By that time I was out of balls in my bucket. 
I just bought two of these for myself and my dad. Wish I saw these special anyways...I'm having an issue with mine staying on my midsize grip?  Any suggestions?  Thanks.
How much are you looking to get?
+1 for this post!
last question are those the 8620 or 1018?
Nice...and those were how much? How did you decide what grind to go with? I spoke to a rep and he just said D/D for me? Thanks ahead for any information. sorry now I see the $150...
New Posts  All Forums: