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can't see the pics? Went to their site last night and almost choked after I saw the $350 price tag for a custom wedge. Think I wil just find a mass produced one.
I am also interested in these shafts, there is a guy on ebay that is selling new scratch wedges with this shaft and didn't know anything but here is a link: http://thelaunchmonitor.com/index.ph...ix13&Itemid=53 seems to work if believe the numbers....
I don't have Dynalite but I do have the following Project X 5.5 and Dynamic Golf HL both are 4 thru pw.
Spoke with a rep this morning about these wedges and I have to say I'm impressed with the level of customer service, I was slightly confused by what the website was telling me but after a good conversation I think I'm straightend out now. One question I still have is which one 8620 or 1018???
what set up is on this driver? Neutral, Fade or draw?
still looking....anyone??
ok...any "fade" FT-3 out there?
someone must have one that they don't want anymore???
I would have to say I'm surprised by how funny he actually is, I guess my first impression of him being a DB is incorrect.
Cart cover and cart heater are the way to go! Brandy is also good as WUTiger said!
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