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Thanks, I already checked there but their prices are higher than what is on Ebay. Thanks again....
Any good condition FT-3 Tour drivers out there? Would like maybe a 10 degree/stiff/headcover...let me know what you have and how much? Thanks.
Black Oxide Services, they are based out of California.
bump for a new week...and yes I still have these for sale.
Was surprised to see this yesterday while watching a little golf on TV. I thought KJ was a solid putter, why the change? Take a look is this the new thing now? http://sports.yahoo.com/video/player..._Slam/20777800 Thanks.
bump PX 5.5 shafts 4-pw with .355 tips, still looking for a home.
Yes they are .355 tips and I'm looking for $105 shipped....LMK..
No problem...good luck with your new shafts!!
Happy 4th of July, this post has 1250 posts and these shafts are still available!
I can look into a cost to ship to Croatia??
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