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I've had Scratch wedges for 2 seasons now and I'm not sure I'd play anything else at this point.  I played Vokeys and Clevelands for years until I found Sratch.  The feel is second to none and the different grinds and loft choices are awesome.  They are pricey but with the prices of Vokeys going up the two are really within $15 or $20 of each other now. 
It won't damage the shafts the R11 tips make it super easy to swap shafts in and out.  I don't know what the effect would be, I can see the benefits of a shorter driver but I can't see any benefit of a super long 3W.  A shorter driver should help with control but you'll sacrifice distance.  I guess that a longer 3W could create more distance from a longer shaft but be harder to control.
It shouldn't affect the stiffness of the club, think about your irons..........they are all the same shaft but different lengths and butt trimmed and they don't feel any stiffer.  Your swingweight could change.   On a side note, I think the manufacturers making the clubs so long is getting ridiculous you may hit the occasional ball 15 yards farther but I would seriously doubt anyone is more consistent control and contact wise. 
Yes, it's as simple as popping the shaft out of the R9 and putting into the R11 and tightening it up.  The R9/R11 hosels look a little different are labeled differently but the tips/shafts are interchangeable.   I've got my R9 shaft in my R11 right now.   I think the way the Tip notations transfer for a righty R9 - R11 N - N L - +1 degree higher R - -1 degree lower NU - NU
I just picked up a 910Fd 3W with the Project X 8B4 6.5 flex shaft.  So far it's been great, nice low trajectory with no spin.  It's going to launch pretty close to your whiteboard but going to be quite a bit stiffer in the butt section of the shaft.  I actually owned another 3W with the 8A4 7.0 shaft and that thing was STOUT plus it had an X-stiff tip so I had trouble getting the ball up in the air and really had to go after it to make the shaft work.    It's a very...
I think the R11 spins less.  The 910D3 isn't far behind though.
The HD6 is more of a mid launching shaft.  It's still pretty low spin but will launch much higher than the RIP.  I love the RIP, I think it feels great.  It's tight but not too boardy and produces low spin with a nice trajectory.    It's not true, you can buy the sleeves online and just about any club fitter can install them on any shaft you want.  I've done it  few times already, works great.
a 5W might be longer but should have considerably more loft than a 2H.  I would think a 2H would go further but not if you can't get it off the ground.  As for how they differ it really depends on each golfer.  Some prefer the hybrid some prefer the forgiveness of the fairway woods.
A couple of reasons, First some people need 7.5* and some need 11.5* and there isn't a driver on the market that could be adjustable for that big of a span.  Second, until the R11 and Titliest 910 you couldn't change loft and the club independently of each other.  On the old R9's if you opened the face you effectively delofted the club a bit and vice versa.  At least thats how my R9 3 wood works, the drivers may be a bit different.   And last, theres a great majority of...
Are there any differences besides I'm assuming the new conforming grooves?   They did make them a bit uglier but they still look pretty good.  I loved the old ones....
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