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Dear "My uncle aka that golfer" Breaking 3 of your clubs during the round earlier does not make you look cool or strong. You're a jackass and just throw 200 dollars into the woods. You arent a pro so when you mishit it, get over it.
If youre concerned with 16gb filling up too fast, they will probably be coming out with a 32gig soon. Don't fall on the Iphone bandwagon.
My nike extreme sport bag has a huge flaw. A rod that connects the top of the bag to the bottom was made too long?? So the rod broke the plastic on the bottom and theres a huge slice of plastic coming off the bottom barely holding the rod in place. The bag still works but it looks horrible. Other than that i liked it. The straps are really easy on the shoulders, i like where all the pockets are, pretty light, nice plush pocket for valuables.
Holy cow 42 putts! You get that putting down and youll be breaking 100 constantly!
My set stops at PW and then I've got 2 vokeys. I don't regret it. Now that i have it, its easier to get used to and it's pretty consistent.
I've got a 50* vokey that i use ALOT. I LOVE it for short chips and pitch shots around the green.
I normally drink some type of tea, but i usually have water with as well.
You know, I'm pretty much in the same situation as you. I can hit my 3w much better than I can hit my driver, but I use my driver as much as I can. I want to be able to fix my problem while I'm on the course. Most of the time I can feel what I'm doing wrong and start to fix it. If i'm struggling beyond all belief, I'll use the 3w.
A joke is just that, a JOKE. JOKE: something said or done to provoke laughter or cause amusement, as a witticism, a short and amusing anecdote, or a prankish act. It was meant to be a amusing. Saying that the speaker and the majority leader are worse than someone they obviously are not worse than. Get off the guys back. If you can't make a joke about everything, you can't make a joke about anything. It's all or none.
They've been showing some slow downs of his swings today and it seems as if he is a bit tighter. His arms are tighter. I'm not sure if this is becuase he was working too much, he could just be trying to overcompensate becuase of frustration. Really only time will tell..
New Posts  All Forums: