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thanks for the help everyone. i really appreciate it. However, I've come to my decision, I am going to send it in for a complete restoration at the Cameron Custom Shop, I recieved one of my putters back today from the shop, and the work they do there is truly amazing, $250 for everything, but honestly guys, how many TeI3's do you see with pro platinum finishes and blue/white paint? i've not seen any, and this is worth it to be the only one with the finished putter.
haha yeah oklahoma is big. ima bigg osu fan, both parents went there and my brothere is there now. GO POKES!!!
i also forgot to mention i plan on doing the work by myself, i've heard great stuff about Black oxide services but i dont want major work done, i'm really just looking for a good polish
thanks! their all beautiful clubs. to me the Pro Platinum is the best putter cameron has made, i use a Pro Platinum Midslant. no rotating, just keep the collection for the aws from guests haha
Hello there, I am a Cameron collector (my collection includes 2 customized newport pro platinums, 1 customized newport classic, 1 newport circle t, 2 Napa valley Holidays, 1 circle t newport beach, etc. EVERY one is new) so I am no beginner in putters. However, one of my fellow employees recently purcahsed a new studio select, and knowing I was a collector gave me his older Del Mar 2 Long Slant TeI3, a great and also rare club, worthy of being racked in my collection. The...
i have testors paint and it workd great. like i said i dont use toothpicks anymore and brushs arent stable enough
i know there is little paint bottles strictly for painting clubs at stores such as golfsmith. might pick one up
what do you guys use for something like this? i'm a cameron collector and want to do some "froot loops" paintwork, i've done dots and lines with toothpicks. they dont work well in my opinion. take a look http://i104.photobucket.com/albums/m...frootloops.jpg
haha. Brad Kershaw is the name
absolutely right. the headcover is cheaply made and the O, R, and M are misprint. also, the bottom side of the club (sole) on a fake is really shiny, due to cheap recycled scrap metal.
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