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No i wouldn't buy one because I have no need for stamps in my club+ I like the 200 series and the spin milled. I wouldn't doubt it.
I beleive Anthony Kim is overated because people are saying he's going to be like Tiger and i don't see that happening.
I like the rescue because you can get it out of the rough easier than the burner 3 wood.
Graphite have more whip to them so you hit it farther but not as straight. Steel Straight but not quite the distance as a graphite
I know Luke Donald and Gary Orr does. i have a freind that plays mizuno and he hits them good. I think they have good feel
Oh yeah if you see whats in my bag it says 54* wedge I have more wedges that I switch out
Get 10* bounce and that will still make it easy to hit flop shots and bunker shots. i have 14* bounce on my 56 and I can hit a flop shot pretty easily and if I catch a sand shot fat i can still get the ball out of the bunker.
Mine was today. I was on 18 put my drive on durt and i thinned the ball and it hit into the hill where the green is(Elevated Green) and slowed the ball down and left me a 5 inch yes 5 inches for birdie.
Yeah man get blades thats what i use and I am hitting the ball farther, higher, and straighter. Don't get the Titleist zb their crap. Get the mizuno mp 67's.
pshhhhhhh Golf LOL. I don't know i bet he is a well rounded athlete
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