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Never been a fan of Kobe's, but he is pretty damn good. Celtics will win the series in 6 games though.
So, somebody took a #2 on #2, kind of poetic in a sick sort of way.
Gamestop has a spring bundle (not sure if the bundle is sold elsewhere) that has Halo ODST and Forza III, that one should have the latest chipset in it.
I would really recommend trying as many putters as possible, you may be surprised at what works for you and even save a little money in the process.
Have a rib injury now myself, been about 2 weeks and it still hurts. Just when I think it's better, I'll sneeze or move a certain way and the pain is ridiculous. Can't wait till this gets better.
It's not a matter of playing with a lot of people. Sometimes the ball goes places we don't necessarily want it to go, there could be other balls of the same type in or near those places, marking let's me know for sure I'm playing my ball and not someone elses.
I mark mine with a black dot on each side of the number, simple enough.
Me and my buddies used to play every weekend when I was in college, always had a blast. I've been threatening to get back into it, but I'm not sure if at 32 I could handle it any more.
I killed a pigeon practicing in my parents' back yard, shortly after I started playing. I like to say that was my first birdie.
If they made a blade like that, I would be all over it.
New Posts  All Forums: