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It's difficult to declare either side a clear favorite. A lot has been made of the course being set up with wide fairways and modest rough. The European players play in the USA extensively and there are more American style courses on the European tour than in the past. This is not the 1960's European player. Talent is comparable. Crowd support helps feed momentum but I feel increases the pressure if things aren't going well. It will probably come down to who has the...
I said Rory, because I believe he will play more, and he is still at the point in his career where playing well in regular events matters.
Never more than 45 degrees or they drop your bag. Seriously, assuming that tips are the major part of their income, I would still make a distinction between a professional at a resort and a club with a bunch of high school and college kids. Five hours 50-75 bucks for a kid is out of line, 20 bucks and a couple of soft drinks for a teen is fair, or 30 and they buy their own. . Heck at most locations the attendant who cleans your clubs gets 5 bucks, 10 if he does more....
The number of people who answered one pure shot surprises me. If I hit a perfect tee or approach shot and blow the approach shot or easy putt that is the pitts. I think coming back after a poor shot and salvaging par, making a tough comebacker after a misread putt, these type of situations are what gives me satisfaction. One pure shot can be luck. Hanging tough is something I control, and luck is not a factor.
The majority of golf tournaments are no longer about golf. They are local happenings. 19th holes with live bands at night, fireworks, celebrity spotting etc. This attracts a percentage of exhibitionist, combine with minimal golf knowledge, alcohol, a general lack of awareness or concern that they are acting like idiot, crowd anonymity, all of this encourages spring break behavior. I guess it's the price for a well attended event. I could live with anyone yelling any...
I answered lay up. Upon considering what I actually do, I usually go for it. I rarely have a chance to reach in 2. The few times I do the chance for glory wins out. If there is water in play the answer would be hell no, turning a birdie chance in to a bogey is just to painful.
I am not sure that overall winning stats are the final distinction. At least if you accept that majors are a different animal. For example Kenny Perry lost the Masters when in great position to win with just a few holes left. Majors seem to expose any mental weaknesses, even more than regular events. Thats kind of the basis of this poll for me. I can't make a compelling statistical argument, actually 5-1 has more common sense appeal than my choice. It is more a...
Cornhusker, can beat everyone but Michigan State on their schedule, defense will be improved, offensive line is only average. 10-3 or 9-4 seems reasonable.
All the time. I suppose it is because I base my feeling on my ball striking. Often my best scores are on days I am hitting it so so but my short game is on. If my drive is in the rough but playable and I get it around the green and get it up and down, doesn't feel like good play. A good drive, GIR, lipped out birdie, feels like good play, but both are pars.
This is why I keep the u wedge in the bag. When I need it, it is usually a short par 4 or 3rd shot on a par 5. That means possible birdie. The 2h or 5w I would replace it with wouldn't get more use. I do drop it for a 5w if I know a course has 200+ par 3s, especially if uphill since I can't hit a 3h that far and trying to finesse a little 3w I choke every time.
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