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Of course values always play a role. I think the great ones don't need much pushing. It will be interesting to see how long the careers of golfers groomed this way are. Burnout and injuries could lead to a lot of successful but short careers. FWIW I think over involved parenting and coaching leaves golfers developed this way ill prepared for the hurdles life throws at you.
I kind of see it this way with my group. On the course out of the rough, wind, uneven lies etc inconsistent contact is the issue. On many courses the trouble is to the side and back of the green. Right now I am finally hitting the ball better. Combined with the hot weather I have blown a number of online irons over the green recently. The lies and recovery shot has been much tougher than a a shot online and just short or barely on the green would be. I will adjust my...
II second this. Trying to increase lag by delaying release will probably increase tension and hurt your timing. Like a lot of things in golf I feel good lag comes from doing the right things earlier in the swing. Good lag is a result of relaxed arms, hands, wrist, being pulled through by your body with your release a natural response. A flip is a forced release, especially upward. If the release is through the ball on the swing line then it is probably not a flip, it...
I think part of this is cyclical. A number of the best American players are quite young and could become dominant in the next few years. I also wonder if their are fewer opportunities for female Korean athletes, so a higher percentage of their best athletes choose golf.
One test would be which of this year's event winners Majors or Olympics are you likely to be able to recall in 2, 5,10,years. My guess is that we are more likely to remember who won the Masters. Granted it is partly because the past winners get mentioned at each years event. I think winning a major will have a much longer effect on a winners career and marketability as well. That certainly seems to be the case with Tennis.
I not sure I am comfortable with equating athleticism and fitness. I see plenty of very fit people at the gym who are not very athletic. Fitness allows for maximizing your athletic potential. I would suggest that the less fit professional athletes are very athletic, but most would be even better if they improved their fitness. You can be fit and overweight, at least aerobically. You would probably be more injury prone.
I have had a number of bouts of vertigo over the years, after effects of a severe head injury with some inner ear damage. For me it is closer to motion sickness than what you describe so probably my opinion is not worth much. I keep otc motion sickness meds around to tide me over till I get to the doctor for more effective treatment. It might be worth a call to your family Doc to ask if they might reduce your symptoms.
I said 1 in 100, but if it's an unfamiliar course it would be 2 or 3 in 100. The first time you play a course or a hole position you haven't seen before you can over think it or just get fooled. Usually for me if I miss one of these it is because I hit it to hard, irritated by a missed birdie putt.
This is the point I keep hammering at. The playing conditions and equipment today favor players with certain strengths. The balata ball, wooden clubs, slower, bumpier greens required a different skill set. Creative shotmaking, wristy putting styles, were responses to the technology and playing conditions of the time. Many of the somewhat robotic power players of today would struggle greatly I believe under those conditions. Some, like Bubba Watson might have done even...
There are two problems with the population has grown therefore there are more talented golfers now idea. It assumes the percentage of the total population playing golf has remained stable or increased. It also assumes that superior talent and skill mix occurs at a regular rate. Both issues cut both ways. For example, men at least have opportunities in the expansion of leagues and the number of professional sports. Culture plays a large part in sport selection, for...
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