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The case of those saying golf is not a sport really boils down to narrowing the physical requirements down to a couple golf requires less of. Different sports require different mixes. This is why there is no athlete great at every sport. Michael Jordan failed to excel at baseball. I was an excellent 400 /800 meter runner, because my athletic mix skewed that way. FWIW most basketball players are not very fast, also true of baseball. I had a 42 inch standing vertical...
Pretend you are getting a paid golf lesson?
This covers most of it. Most slow play problems IMHO come from people waiting until it's their turn to think about what club,to hit, target, distance etc. Read your putt before it's your turn to putt etc. The other thing is unless looking for a lost ball keeping your butt welded to the cart seat is a huge time waster.
If the course is busy you should expect to be paired up. If you are a regular at a course and are known you will tend to be given some slack. As long as you don't pretend you are better than you are and are courteous, watch where others drives head etc I have never felt anyone judged me. Plus if you get paired with someone a bit better than you watching their decision making you will probably pick some things up. If someone offers unsolicited advice just tell them...
EnMy only caveat is that some singles expect to keep playing through foursomes repeatedly. If play is light and there are open holes coming up ok, but this is not the same as a slow foursome delaying everyone. I have seen singles throw temper tantrums, hit into groups etc. FWIW in hot weather I do what you were doing, add some on course practice, since play is light, often trying an alternate shot to compare the result and hit few range balls.
DI do find the no cart responders insist walking is integral to competitive golf, then based on this premise any other response is not logical. The reason for rules is to prevent a competitive advantage. It is clear Martin derives no advantage. There are always competitive advantages, for example Tiger and others have had the opportunity to play Olympic frequently, he attended Stanford and is a native of northern California. Access to instruction and quality courses...
No thanks, 50/50 whether I would laugh maniacaly or make grown man sobbing noises.
Granted that one long par 3 per round is a good idea, we all understand separating the best from we hackers. I also think fronting long par 3s with sand or water is getting more common. It makes these holes almost unplayable for women and seniors. One course I play has a 175 yard carry over water to the front into the prevailing wind, grass mounds with rough surround it, long left is a hill, shallow bunker on the right. This is the white tees, the back tees have a...
I would try to play as a single during slow times and mix a little on course practice with a brief 20 - 30 ball post play session on a specific issues; Chipping, driving, a new shot etc. If you are playing poorly and extra range time is required try to make it as much like play as possible, I doubt high reps work for you, so switch your emphasis every 10 swings, return to the main issue every alternating 10 swings.
60 Degree LW. It saves me more strokes more consistently than any other club. Putter is next, but some days my poor reads don't let me take advantage of it.
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