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I want to add, the reflex response to add length to challenge pros leads to boring golf. It really is lazy thinking. Holes that penalize poor shots with grass bunkers, tough, putts etc if you go for birdie and miss but leave a reasonable 2 putt if a less aggressive shot is played are best. Length often makes birdie more about luck. This is part of the reason putting and driving length dominate tour golf and shot making has been done de-emphasized.
For r me long par 4s are the worst. I still agree though. For one thing a par 3 with sand or water, up or down hill, is one of the few times that every level of golfer has an opportunity to apply or learn shotmaking skills. I recently played the same par 3 twice the same day. The first time I choked down and hit a smooth 7. The second time I hit a full 8. My partner was puzzled but I enjoyed trying the shot both ways. Overly long par 3s mandating long irons take...
The one concrete part of this that convinced me the Martin exception should stand, my original gut response was that it shouldn't, was equity. Does the advantage of the cart exceed the negative impact his disability has on his ability to play golf? I don't believe it does. If we are going to allow the long putter, originally introduced to allow senior golfers with bad backs and other problems making use of short putters difficult, the yips part came latter, then I...
No Phil, it is not that there is a legitimate argument that it is an advantage to ride, it obviously is. Yes walking, and the extra effort is intrinsic to tournament golf. The issue is given Martins condition did he derive an unfair advantage. Your answer is yes. The problem is your justification is based on a tough guys suck it up philosophy. You substitute childish comparisons for reasonable adult thought. Of course it is every one else that has a problem right? ...
I would add a postscript to my basic answer. Those who post ridiculous comparisons like 2000 yard golf courses for women or the Tom Brady example are hard to take seriously. A cart really is only changing how you enter the playing area, kind of like a relief pitcher in baseball. No one suggested the playing area be altered, equipment used or basic skills required be changed. The court decision made it clear that type of response was not being supported. I would be...
I accidentally voted no. Tablet error. I think this should be a rare accommodation. After all modern prosthetic devices are amazing. Most of the physical conditions which would justify it prevent top flight golf. There is after all a potential advantage, especially in difficult weather or on hilly courses. It kind of reinforces the idea that golfers aren't athletes as well.
Padrig Harrington. -3 Ernie Els -3 Lucas Glover -3 Obvious choices gone, I think Swartzchel has a good shot. I went with three veterans who have proved they can play US Open courses, have decent length and have at least some recent decent results.
Has a Dr. suggested what condition might be causing your pain? If it's a developing arthritic condition then some heat and an anti inflammatory before your warm up makes sense. Bulging disk, weak back or core muscles, even an overly soft bed or lack of hip flexibility can lead to back pain. It's muscle weakness or posture related sure golf might loosen you up. Whatever the cause there is probably a response you need to make, your body is warning you.
After catching a tree at the end of a drive I hit a blind SW From 85 yards over tall trees, with about 18 inches to spare to six feet and saved par.
I tape one finger because it splits. It is miss shaped due to being previously broken. Since this is not a blister, dry skin may be part of the problem.
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