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Games can be played sitting down. Seriously if physical fitness is the primary factor then many Olympic events are questionable: Curling, archery, come to mind. Some people seek to denigrate certain sports to puff up their preferred sports. Good golf requires strength, flexibility, eye hand coordination, rhythm, creative thinking under the pressure of competition. My youthful competition as 400 / 800 meter runner required a different mix of skills and abilities, ...
Eagles are more majestic than albatross's so I voted eagle. Now on to that world peace thing:-D!
The real issue is why should you trust this guys opinion. If you want to improve find a teaching source to evaluate your performance. You can assist by keeping some stats on your game gir, fairways, putts, sand saves etc. With an evaluation of where you are at set a goal for improvement that makes sense to you.
Press conferences aren't about journalism, they are about public relations and promoting the tournament. Most sportswriters recognize this and soft pedal their questions. After all if you ask a tough question then whoever sponsors the tournament and buys ads in newspapers and on TV will find a way to make your life miserable. Tiger unhappy, means no Tiger, sponsors unhappy, sportswriter possibly unemployed.
Many old time pros, had upright swings, especially women, they created distance with arc and rhythm. Their bad shots tended to be hooks. There is more emphasis on body rotation now. Since most amateurs naturally use their dominant side, emphasizing the left helped new golfers use their left side. Obviously both sides, both legs, arms, feet, hands work in concert. Like a lot of old saws it addresses an issue from a playing pros perspective, prevent the hook, get...
Golfers of my generation, over 55 still make a big deal about this, because pros are obsessive about this, and of course if they do it they know best . I had a partner throw a fit because I walked across his line, maybe 25-30 feet from the hole on his 50 foot putt last year. Peltz did a study a few years ago and on soft greens there is a very slight influence , that last several hours. So there is as much chance a previous groups footsteps affecting your putt as...
Mine was a fairly high content gold, probably a lot softer. Plus I gained weight, it didn't move at all:-P.
These posts comprise an excellent discussion about technique and swing elements. I have one observation. When I watch other golfers they often slice only on the driver or maximum fairway wood. For many people the biggest issue seems to be over use of the upper body or just to much effort to soon in the downswing. This destroys the golfers timing and leads to stiff arms and hands preventing proper club release. I see golfers practicing obsessed with the technical...
I agree with your point, but most average golfers are average because they have never made a sustained effort at improving. I believe that in 2-3 years most golfers can get to 15-18 handicap by practicing 1-2 times per week and playing 18-27 holes per week 5-6 months a year. I wonder what percentage of golfers meet my criteria.?
I notice more variation in my day to day distances as I get older. Golf weather in my area isn't consistent until May. When I was younger after 7-10 days hitting balls I would know what my yardages were going to be for the season. Now it takes 4-6 weeks, and still varies more than it used to. I think it is hard to keep good rhythm and timing when your flexibility varies and a bit of fatigue sneaks in on hot days.
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