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Usually rather play than practice unless the weather is bad.
Titleist 910 D2 9.5* with a ahina stiff shaft. Comes with original headcover. Used for one round.
The D2 Feel and Gamers both scuff so easily. They look really beat up after 9 holes.
His caddy was holding in his frustration quite well.
I play the AD333 and D2 Feel during the off season. Now with the weather up here in New England, I've been using the Pro V1's that I still have leftover from last year. I'd still probably play the 2 piece balls on wet days.  
I chose "OTHER" and suggest the PING G15. What I pick may not be the best for you. I could love a driver but the next person may detest it.  
Cheeseburger with a can of coke for pre-round snack and a hot dog at the turn will hold you over well.  
Swinging faster and harder is great but don't forget there is nothing better than hitting the middle of the club face.   
If you can hit your 3 wood around 300 yards or your 1 iron 275 yards consistently, there is no reason you need a driver in the bag to get your handicap down to a 3 or 4. I'd assume that you need more help in your short game than trying to get longer off the tee.   Do you pace out your yardages from tee box to the ball to know how far you are hitting your clubs? I'd love to see a video of someone hitting a 1 iron 275 yards. Definitely would be a sight to see.
Shot 91 at a par 73 course. Fairways were overgrown and the greens were aerated. Had one 4-putt and a quite a few 3-putts. Couldn't buy a putt today.
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