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160 yards from the pin on the right side of the fairway with a tree in front of me. Approach and green slopes left to right so I take a 4 iron and hit a low cut shot that lands about 20  yards before the hole and tracks right into the hole for a deuce!
Anthony Kim -17
Quote: To me the AD333 is a little softer than the D2 Feel but I can play either ball and be satisfied. I'm not too picky on what ball I play as long as it has good feel off the putter.  
Pushed tee shot right and had a blind 2nd shot. Picked an 8-iron and decided to hit over a tree in the general area I thought was the green. Caught it solid and found my ball 6 feet from the pin. More random luck but was definitely best shot of the week.
I struggle I guess most with my wind judgement lately. Especially with the wedges.  
Put down some alignment sticks or clubs along the path of the ball, in front and behind your shoes to make sure you are aiming right. When you are playing, put a line on the ball and when you are at the tee box, line the ball up to where you are aiming if you are having trouble with alignment.
Got any pictures of your putter and its grip?  
All of the above choices are very good options. It'll come down to personal preference of looks, feel, and so on.   Titleist AP2, Nike VR Pro Combos, Ping S56, and the Mizuno MP-58's might be soem good choices.
You aren't by any chance willing to split them up are you? Interested in 7-PW.
Still have a box of D2 Feel's and Srixon AD333's left before I go out and buy more 2-piece. Let me know how they are since they run 15 for $15, I'd probably game them after my supply runs dry.
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