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I played the previous version which seem to be similar and they were great when I had them. Definitely give them a go!
I'm pretty good about filtering my bag. I currently use 13 clubs ever since the 3 iron came out of the bag. The 3 iron goes back in for some courses but usually stays home. The 60° wedge got the boot middle of last season since I always tried some hero shot that either ended up really good or really bad. I just manage the course to try and not put myself where I'd need the 60. All other clubs see regular use or else they would've gotten the boot already.
Looking at your swing won't be as easy since the iPhone video doesn't have enough fps to capture it all and whatever it catches, it is blurry. Looking at models is pretty clear.
No problems with my Titleist bag's legs. I've wanted a Ping bag but I'm weary since the couple guys I know that use their stand bags both have bent legs.
Don't belly putters have round grips? Was in the market for one and they seem round.
Quote: Your Golfsmith has a Trackman indoors?!?! The ones I've been to have those Vector machines.   Obviously in times when Bubba launches the ball super high with super low spin, everything isn't straight forward in fitting for optimum. Isn't that launch angle/spin rate both on the lower end?   SS 105-107 = 280 yards
Old news. Already been posted.
Exercise is good and all but dieting is the key to losing weight. Dieting takes much more discipline than exercising. Good luck!
Beautiful swing. I'd be interesting in watching the 8 minute reel. I love how you can start recording then step up and stripe a 4 iron.
You need to give a little more information. How many clubs do you want to carry in this bag? Will you be walking, riding, or some of both? For a light weight bag you can start with the Sun Mountain 3.5 or the Titleist Light Weight bag. There are so many good bags out there though.
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