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I finally took the plunge and purchased a Nikon D3100 and a 55-200mm.
Whatever you do when you start learn it the right way. From the hole to the tee. Learn to putt and chip before you start pouring in hours at the range with the driver.
What are the best irons? What is the best putter? What's the best phone? What's the best car?   It's what best suits/fits you and your needs. If there was "one" best driver out there then obviously everyone would be gaming it. Finding the perfect combination of driver head and shaft is something all golfers seek but some just make up for it with their swing and timing.
What do you do for shots in between your D -> 3H -> 5-iron    
He's asking because you have 15 clubs.    
Your body is sore for a reason that you need to study. If you can't figure out why it is then you can go practice your short game on days that you are sore.
Do you ride or walk? I'm wondering how this bag would be for walking.    
D2 Feel or AD333. Basically soft two-piece balls that you can get for cheap will do fine.
Would like to volunteer as well since I live in NYC but can't commit to something so far away. Any chance you could get me a discounted ticket though?
It's for stuff that they own. I believe DSG owns some of the smaller/cheap brand golf companies.
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