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I think it would have to be Ping.  
I own the 001 in 33" and love it. I like it over the Scotty Cameron's that I have tried. I am thinking about adding a sight line.
no ace or even a hole out with an iron shot.
Price includes shipping!
Make yourself a net to chip/pitch into and get one of those putting greens for your house. Those two can help you out a lot. I have no clue what physical shape you are in but you can workout at home while watching your kid. Try to work in your game while watching him.
Got any pictures?
Shot 88, much better on the back 9 than the front 9. Putting was very good even though I haven't practiced at all. Can't wait for the practice greens to start opening up. Think I might get my 2nd round of golf for the year next Wednesday! 53° F with ~10 mph winds in NYC!
I like to keep things simple. This is my routine so I don't know if it qualifies as the fundamentals.   1. Look at the contours of the green when balls are hit onto the green and when you are walking up to the green. 2. Read the putt from a few choice angles. 3. Practice stroke. 4. Stay loose and focused on target then stroke the putt.   I think staying loose and focused on your target is the most fundamental thing in putting. Your mind does wonders when...
Are you telling me from feel or have you actually recorded your swing and saw it pointing down the target line? Also, is the back of your hand perpendicular to the ground or slightly facing downward or upward.
OP, Lido Beach is open for play and it's in rather good condition. I've never played in winter before so I don't have anything to gauge it upon but thought it was good. The wind has been quite crazy this past week though. I regret not keeping up with golf for the last two months. Been slacking off due to snow/cold and not hitting the range thinking that I'd start where I left off just like that. Now my swing feels so disconnected and lost.
New Posts  All Forums: