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I'm a S in Nike and a M in Puma. So basically a S/M but for Sunice stuff I wear M. Not really sure if that helps for you.
Where does the back of your hand point at impact?
You might want to think about a driver, 4 wood, and hybrid. I find a 4 wood to be just as long as any of my 3 woods and the hybrid bridges the gap to my irons very well.
Ping G15 all the way! Great driver if you can find it used it'd be better.
I wouldn't suggest listening with earphones while playing on the course. I'd hate to try get someone's attention and have him just go about his business then get hit.
Lido Beach Golf Club is OPEN!!! This I believe is the only one on the island that is open.
You won $1650, with doing mostly straight bets of $50-100? Last I've used that site they are -110 juice. You'd have to have quite a high win % which most of the well known cappers don't even have. Should share that sports almanac that you are keeping to yourself.
when was this? my friend was also telling me that the local nyc muni's are still covered in snow. horrible news for me with this nice weather we are suppose to be having on thursday-friday.
Anyone know if the courses still have snow? This week's forecast seems quite benign and was thinking out taking my clubs out of the closet.
If anyone wants to buy one or both of mine. Feel free to PM me. Never got around to actually using it since it's way too cold.
New Posts  All Forums: