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Bought a Tabasco driver headcover off eBay!
You don't have that problem with the newer ones. The yardages are super easy to get.   OP, you can point at the ground but pointing at trees or something might be better option. Rangefinder won't be a game changer but I find it a very nice plus. Trusting your yardages plays a big role in confidence.
Welcome, good to see you posting. Where in NY are you?
Taking offers on this club!
Taking offers on this club!
3 putting everything but one hole is at least 51 putts. Imagining one putting every hole is not a feasible idea. At least you got one thing right in that he needs to work on putting.   You got that right. Spend lots of time on practicing putting and when you think you've practiced enough, go practice some more. Then practice your chipping/pitching so that you are left with shorter putts. This will drastically reduce your score as long as you are advancing the ball with...
Something isn't right if your Nike's are hurting your feet after 9 holes of riding. I'm guessing they aren't the right fit for your feet or something else. If you are set on getting new shoes go with the Adidas Tour 360 4.0, I own them and they are great in wet weather and have held up fairly well. Good luck.
Temporarily addicted to Cherry Garcia from B&J's.
Just uploaded pics. As I was taking the picture noticed a tiny nick that's not visible at address. You can barely see it in the topline picture.
Yeah, posted the thread before I got around to taking pictures. Will have them up some time tomorrow.  
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