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Give me your e-mail and I'll send it there when I get some tomorrow.
Comes with the Diamana Blue Board stiff shaft which I believe is 85 grams in weight.   I can't imagine working a ball with a 3 iron, let alone hit it straight but this hybrid makes it easy to do that. Reason I am selling is I haven't played golf in over a month and trying to get some extra funds for a new snowboard setup.
For sale is a lightly used Taylormade 2008 Rescue 19° with headcover. Stock Stiff RE*AX Shaft.
Lightly used Titleist 909H 19° comes with headcover. Diamana Blue Board 80 Stiff Shaft.
Pro athletes wear it as a fashion piece more than a performance enhancer.
Just got a spam message from "supertrigolf" and had no way to report it. Would be good to able to report spam messages.
Traded some stuff in for a Global Golf GC but need the cash. Looking to get $210 for it.
What I am expecting is very dependent on the length and difficulty of the course.   Easy courses I expect to shoot 6-12 over. Average courses I expect to shoot 9-15 over. Difficult courses I expect to shoot 12-18 over.
Sold to jgreen85!
Love all Nike clubs except most of their woods. Only exception were the Nike SQ fairway woods. Apparel I really like but the shirts are way too wide for my frame even in a small and the shorts are slightly too long and get caught at the knees quite often. Shoes and bags I did not have enough experience with to comment.
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