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Gap wedges are very, very useful. That's why I don't have a 56/60 degree wedges combination, but one 58 degrees wedge (which is very useful). I think that in your combination, you're definitely missing a gap wedge! You have an 11 degree gap there! Fil it up with a wedge of 50-52 degrees! Makes life a lot easier. But then, since you have to many clubs in the bag, replace your 5-wood and 3-iron with one 3 hybrid, if your budget still allows you to, and if not: make sure it...
I'm not using any fairwaywoods currently. I'm looking for a 3-wood. My 3-hybrid equals a 5-wood and a 3-iron (hybrid easier from the fairway and 3-iron easier for the tee, I guess). I don't really know yet which one and I want to get fitted in the US, when I'm there for holiday in two weeks (live in the Netherlands, where prices are outrageous).
I've got an HDTV. But since we live in the Netherlands there aren't a lot of HD broadcasters... Just Discovery and NGC. But now temporarely: The European Cup (football), Tour de France and the Olympics in HD! And soon: Eurosport HD ;) So it'll come, it just takes time.
Currently I'm looking for a new 3 Wood. That means going to the local store and trying a demo. Now I'm really wondering: how come most demo's are draw clubs, especially those of the Callaway FT-series? What's up with the draw? They hit great but I can't know how the neutral plays if there isn't one avaible to try? I've also looked in other shops and how come most are draws as well. Why is it virtually impossible to find (especially Callaway) neutral demo clubs?
I'd get me one if they weren't so expensive. I'd want one, but I'm it's only a phone. Currently I have a seperate iPod Video 60GB and a seperate very simple 3-button (call, text and on/off, more I don't need!) Nokia 6310 telephone. In other words: I'll only get when I find a good deal or when one of those I already have break down. Then I'd need the 3G since I live in Europe.
Field Hockey: nothing better dan a quick dummy or likewise to pass your opponent, and hit the ball right into the nets like it's a drive Drums: really loving the beat and the quick snare roll techniques
Actually I'm wondering: what kinds of exercises are there to improve your length? I really feel like I lost some distance since I don't have any PE at school anymore. Field hockey and golf itself just don't cover that up in strength.
Nope... Just hitting straight with it (same 3H, steel shaft). Sometimes I hook it, but that's me. Very few to no slices at all!
17 years old, turning 18 next month. (july 20th 1990) Have been playing for about 3 years now.
Chip in from 35 yards! Eventually parring the hole after some unlucky lies and waiting about 10 very long minutes for the flight in front of us to leave the green Last week: Nearly a 50 yard pitch in from the deep rough on our 460 yards longest par 4. The ball kissed the hole...
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