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I've found 3 putting to be more about having the wrong speed than misreading the break.  Having good speed should get the ball within tap in distance most of the time. 
I had actually come here to start a similar thread.    I've been fighting a bad hook with my driver.  I hit my irons great, straight with maybe a hint of a fade.  But I've been hooking the heck out of my driver.  Well, I made an adjustment where I kind tilt my shoulders a bit.  That seemed to put everything where it needed to be.  I don't really swing any different, its all in the setup.    Does anyone else set up differently for a driver compared to everyone...
Kinda going through a similar situation.  I'm just missing too many fairways.  I like my irons, but its tough to hit good shots from the left side rough.  I have decided to save and get fitted for a new driver.    You already said that you love your irons.  I would start with the driver, and see how much that helps, and go from there. 
I would go with the wedges first.  You will use them a lot more than a 3wood or utility club.
Depending on your price range, I like Titleist NXT Tour and DT Solo.  I think you can find both for around $20 - $25 a dozen.     
I would check out the new Sun Mountain Hybrid.  It's light enough to be a carry bag, but designed to be cart friendly also.
Thanks guys!  I'm kinda in the same situation has the OP.  I'm a decent player, average in the mid 80s, but would really like to learn to shape shots.  In reading this I've got a basic checklist to go over.    Aim clubface where you want the ball to end up.   Set body lines on the line you want the ball to start.   Swing Normal.    Does this pretty much sum it up?  Is there anything special that needs to be done or focused with the swing.  (I'm sure its...
Sent Emails to both of you guys a couple weeks ago. I'm dropping the price 90 for both or 50 a piece. Let me know
I am having some problems uploading to my flickr account. So, if you would like to see some pictures, please PM or reply with an email and I will send you some pictures ASAP.
Price drop, $95 shipped for both, $50 shipped individually.
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