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24-13 GB
Yoga would be interesting with Jillian. She can bend you in ways that would make Gumby scream.
Is it cheaper to buy clubs from a local shop and get a discount on a fitting, or is it cheaper to pay full price for a fitting and find an online deal for clubs that fit your specs? I'd do some price checking on the clubs you were thinking of. Make sure the fitting comes first , though. Hate to buy new sticks to discover you picked the wrong shafts. Lie and loft adjustments are pretty cheap, shafts and lengths can get real pricey.
Sometimes the "better" feel you seem to experience just comes from a dramatic change. I circulate between 4 putters throughout a typical season and the change usually breeds some immediate improvement. I always attributed the gain to my tendency to focus a little more while holding a less familiar stick.
You will be much more consistent if you get your putter fit to you, instead of conforming your technique to your putter.     Right now you are at a 14 handicap? I wouldn't spring for the "SAM Puttlab" or similar process at this point. In the future, yeah it can help alot, but right now just get the basic loft lie and length adjustments.     Also, most new putter purchases will include an indepth fitting.
As stated above, you can change balls from hole to hole, unless a tourney commitee has made a special ruling for play in that tourney. You may not change a ball mid hole, unless yours becomes lost. Correct me if I'm wrong, but you can use a separate "putting only" ball as long as it is the same brand and model, inlcluding year, as the ball you teed off with.
Pics to kaczmarowski@charter.net please. Thanks in advance.
Lol, my thought also. To the original post, here is a link to some very basic info, and here is the wikipedia basic info on a common form of club forging. (Cleveland golf's form forging is basically this) Like others have said above, the real issue is in the metal that is used. Different metals and alloys will all feel different no matter how they were made. The difference in feel from cast to forged is so minute that you won't be able to tell. There has been a few...
+1 for the ad333's being a good budget ball, and I remember the Tri Speeds being good, too, but its been awile. My wifey plays the soft feels and she likes them. You should be able to find them for 14-15$$ per dozen on sale.
+1. I had a feeling this was true only in my head, but a few sessions at the range with the aid of impact tape and a few different shaft weights confirmed it for me.
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