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Won't happen.
He's probably listening to some old Lawerence Welk big band music.
That's the only reason I will watch Tiger play. Yes.....Tiger truly is the needle! :)
With Tiger's commitment to play the Masters comes even more pressure for him to perform well now. He has always said he does not enter a tourney just to be there, he is there to win. If he falls on his face after all the practice he has put in at home, odds of retirement greatly increase. If he does show a lot of improvement and has a respectable finish I think he will keep on plugging away. This is a very important week for him and his future imo. Probably just stating...
I'll have to practice up using my mute button. TGC will be unwatchable. 
I'll believe the improvement when I see it. Won't be long now if he truly plays. The practice rounds will give a hint of what to expect. Can't wait to see the event, my favorite tournament of the year. 
Shot a +1 73 today. Best round in several months even though it was from the geezer tees. But hey.....I'm a geezer. 
When I was growing up all I ever heard was 'the British Open'. So that is how I refer to it today. But if I were in Scotland going to see the championship, you can bet I would refer to it as 'The Open'. As they say......when in Rome, do as the Romans do. 
I don't see how anyone can predict when he will be back. No one knows how his game is really coming along. Skipping Arnold's tourney is not a good sign to me.
It's been raining off and on for the last 2 weeks. I have managed to squeeze in four 9 hole rounds, but it has been sloppy. Light rain at this very moment. But sunny weather starting Sunday. Going to take a few days to dry out though.
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