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After looking at that video, I do too. 
I want outrageous speed with a Callaway XR driver!   Jim Furyk -2 J.B. Holmes -2 Ryan Moore -2
Unless you totally implode on the greens you miss, 7 of 9 greens should be par to +2. Work on that short game as Michael Breed suggest. ;)
 Twenty at best. He says he has a degenerative condition in his spine and that is one reason for his muscle building. Even so, odds are he will have back problems down the road. 
I don't get the Golf Channel at this house so won't be watching Wentworth. I can pick it up on Sky sports over the internet but the quality is less than good. Plus I usually play golf in the morning anyway. 
More consistent today. Only one birdie but shot 76. Made several par saving putts. Cut down an old Odyssey 2 ball belly putter and made it standard length and put a Super Stroke grip on. Putts like a charm. 
Practice? I do very little at this point in my life. I stroke a few warm up putts before my round and that's about it. During the winter I hit some range balls as I do not like cold weather golf. Just a fast way to get some reps. I'm a geezer, cold weather is a a no go for me.
Shot an 80 with a lot of bad and good. Scored a 46 on the front and 34 on the back. I was +5 after 2 holes and couldn't make a putt the whole side. The backside totally different with 3 birdies and one bogey. Made almost every putt on the side. At least I finished with a good taste in my mouth. 
Agree. The caddy should have zero to say in the matter. There is a rules official and Keegan to do the talking. And I also agree that its possible MAJ just didn't come up with the right choice of words due to his limited English vocabulary. But for whatever the reasons..........they both parties come off looking like jerks. 
Won't happen.
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