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None really. There are some things about certain golfers I don't like. Furyk backing off on putts and Bradley going through his rocking motion when standing behind his golf ball. But both seem like good guys so I like them fine other than their quirkey traits.
Ryan Moore -13 Y.E. Yang -13 K.J. Choi -13
If he finds some kind of treatment like Couples did a year or two ago, its possible he could gain enough relief to allow him to feel well enough to win another major. But I doubt it also. It wouldn't surprise me to see him hang it up if he continues to struggle with his back.
Masters: Jason Day U.S. Open: Rory Mcilory Open: Adam Scott PGA: Webb Simpson
I have no idea what endorsement deals he had, but they are probably gone.
Great match. Victor comes away with a lot of new fans. He will also get all the sponsor invites he wants on the PGA tour.
Played 9 holes this morning and shot a 3 over 39. Only the 3rd time I have been able to play in the last 6 weeks or so due to the weather. The temp was in the low 40's but didn't seem all that bad. Had to hit almost 2 more clubs though. Tired of the wet and cold weather.
A low fade with an iron.
I'm driving a black 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe gls. Been a gmc guy mostly, but have been very happy with the SF so far.
Too hot and muggy for a long warm up. I get there 30 minutes early so my guys can divide up into teams and make the bet. But I only stroke a few practice putts, 2-3 shots with my driver and I'm ready. 
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