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Agree. I think we see who the ignorant one is here.
Although Watson didn't show it, I'm sure he didn't care for Phil's comments. In another poll I saw basically asking the same question, almost 90% voted that Phil should have kept his mouth shut. The poll had over 6k voters.
Nothing to think about. Its not as hard as some of you want to make it. Play good golf, you win.
Agree. The pod system might be a good way to help certain players bond better, but it comes down to playing golf. The Euros played better. That's the bottom line.
Yes and he always ends it on a high note like some kid in grade school. Not a fan either.
Had one of my best rounds in about a year this morning. A -2 70. Haven't been playing as much as when I first retired in 2007. But enjoying it more when I play just a couple of times a week. Easier to stay focused. So a new concept.....play less and shoot better scores. ;)
I hate to hear this. If true, what a black mark on Phil and the pga tour. I know it has nothing directly to do with the tour, but Phil has always been considered the shining face of the tour. Certainly not something you want your elite players to be a party of. Going to interesting how this all plays out.
That's possible. Time will tell. He may regain his strength, but the better question is.....what will be his next injury? Over the last 6 years he has had several. Knee, achilles heel and of course his back. With his history, no reason to think they are going to stop at this point.
Maybe Michelle could teach Rory her putting setup and stroke.
Totally agree. Talks way too much. Thank goodness we don't have to listen to his nonsense at the Masters.
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