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They say Tiger is the one that moves the needle. ;)
I can't wait for the next Tiger thread. Tiger Woods accused of cheating on Amanda Dufner!
I guess I am too. I would have fell out of my chair laughing if the question had been asked. Of course I'm a TW hater. ;)
I've never been a Tiger fan, but one thing I agree with concerning Tiger.........he truly moves the needle. In more ways than one.
 That's normally the way its done where ever I have played. Sometimes I got a free pass when taking a nephew just to ride along at my private club. 
True. With Daly, you know what he is. Some like that, some don't. Phil has always played the part as Mr. Good guy. But gambling is a big turn off for some and this will dim their view of him. Others......not so much. 
Simply getting old and has a body more broken down than the average 39 year old. And with all the swing changes.......he is confused. 
Mr Perfect not so perfect.
I'm fine with NXT Tour balls. But when I receive Pro V1's as a b'day or Christmas present, I don't turn them down. 
 Agree 100%. Technology has certainly helped me. Twenty years ago or so, I was hitting a persimmon headed driver or just getting into hitting a small headed metal driver. Even though I was younger and stronger(60 now), I couldn't hit the driver any further than I do today. If anything, I hit it further today. I have a real light shaft and it works well for me plus I have one of those long Tom Watson type swings and that has helped in keeping my flexibility. I can tell I'm...
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