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The irony of my comment 2 years ago...I traded that Yes! for a SC. Then I bought another SC...and then another. I love my SC Bullseye Blade the most. However, the Studio Stainless and Studio Select Newport 2 putters were excellent.
3 months ago: Bag Boy Revolver, Driver, 3 Wood 1 month ago: irons last week: new SW, LW
I love the feel of Mizuno irons. The only other clubmaker's irons that I like are Ben Hogan.
I am a fan of his swing, also. Fred Couples has a great swing, too.
I improved when I switched to the Scotty Cameron Bullseye. The feedback and feel are what helped improved my stroke. I have 2 other Scotty Cameron Putters (Studio Stainless and Studio Select Newport 2) but the feel is muted when compared to the blade.
I have the Mizuno Mx-900s, and although they are very easy to hit, I find the lack of feedback to be a big negative. I switched to Musclebacks and I have been improving a lot faster. Just like putting (from mallet to a blade - Scotty Cameron Bullseye Blade), I have improved from going from a forgiving putter to a basic non-forgiving putter. I have just bought a Scotty Cameron Studio Select Newport 2 but with the Bullseye, I can putt with anything nowadays.
I opted for the Musclebacks for the same reason, as the OP. I actually went from Super Game Improvement to Player's Clubs (the MX-900 was replaced with the MP-33s). Once I begin to improve, if ever, I may consider tossing the hybrids for my 3 and 4 irons.
Airvue is the best compromise of accuracy, ease of use, battery life and availability of courses. I also have ViewTi2010 but it is not user friendly (too many button pushes for scoring).
I still use my SC Bullseye blade putter. Nothing gives me the same feel and feedback. I have a SC Newport and it is not the same to me.
I address mine with the face "Closed". The club is light and the sound is great. It looks like a square driver but has rounded corners. I like the club. It has given me confidence on the driver.
New Posts  All Forums: