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This also begs the question in regards to the play it forward campaign where many of the courses I play in CO have been moving there tees forward but I know they have not re rated them for the new yardages.
As I'm sure many of you imagine yourselves in the shoes of these guys as I do. I often wonder how their full day looks. Yesterday Phil stormed off and had to call Butch in to "work" on his game for over an hour. What about the guys with the great rounds. Today Adam Scott- Duffner(wow!) and the like. I always wonder if they revel in it just a bit and sit down somewhere with those that are close and have a drink. Come on- Are they all so serious that they go back get a...
It is if you use a line on your ball to putt with. Well not "needed" but it does speed things up if you start working on your line when you have spare time. I try and get as ready as possible as long as it does not affect my playing partners.
I think that in known company and when appropriate this is how golf should be played.. Out of the line and off to the side and of course be still during the final moments prior to others putting. This really speeds up the game and keeps things moving. Nothing worse than someone waiting to start their entire routine until a putt is holed. Just a waist of time. You should be reading aligning and generally getting ready for all shots while others are playing as long as its...
I just played Chambers Bay today. This course is not contrived all and there should many more course like it. The deep pot bunker on 18 is mostly just a visual hazard but if someone does find themselves in it there is a big opening back out right or left. Awesome course!!! Like golf was played in the beginning-
I'm a firm believer in matching your wedge shafts to you set. I play a soft stepped X100 in my I20s and my vokey wedges. Still plenty of spin and I like knowing the feel throughout my bag.  
Thanks Just caught it and updated- Duh!!!
I owned the TW 13s which is the best shoe I have ever worn for walking a ton. When the 14 came out I was excited to get a new pair and just briefly tried them on with out much consideration since I loved the 13s so much. After one round I sensed they were a bit too big even thought they were the same size. Went back to the store and sure enough the new ones are running 1/2 size bigger. Could not return them so thought I would give a try here.    Size 10.5   Worn...
Clicgear for me- All my friends have converted over to pushing and my main partner just replace his older sun mountain with the Clicgear and he is loving it.   cons for the clicgear-   you have adjust the alignment every so often(not a big deal but we have some hills that I like to let the cart go and it veers hard left) takes some a bit to learn how to open and close it Watch your fingers while opening or you may smash them bungies wear out after about 100...
I second the pro force V2. A great shaft for the price- I played it in 3 of my past drivers. Very stable!
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