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 No, I hit this shot without hardly taking a divot. Sometimes I take no divot. 
 Wow, I thought my just over 2 hours golfing alone was fast. Fastest I've managed with another player is 2:30 or so. 
I can play 9 holes by myself on a cart in 65 minutes if there's nobody holding me up.    130-140 minutes for 18. 
Currently working on getting my driver ball position more neutral, back a bit from where it is now.    My ball position with driver gets too far forward and then my shoulders open up leading to pulls and big fades. 
 I believe the main job of the grooves is to assist in creating spin from the rough. 
 So true. Changes take more time, discipline and exaggeration of movements than most people are willing to deal with. 
It can definitely be done.    I got down to a 7.5 last year(from an 11) with HORRIBLE putting. I think I averaged 2 three putts per round.  I hit balls 2-3 times a week in March and April but after that I'd only hit balls a 2-3 times a month  and I'd play 36 or 45 holes per week on average.    Like others have said, do the online lessons and practice with a purpose. Many people think they can get better just hitting balls with their same old swing and using "tips", it...
 Well face control is really important since it determines the start line of the ball, but yeah, a player is advanced if they have that key. :) Just to show the other side of things, KJ Choi hits a pretty dependable pull-fade. It's a pattern that works for him. If you told him to hit a push-draw he probably wouldn't be too keen on it. He'd have to shift his path probably 4 degrees(or more) to the right and also get the face closed to that path, which he isn't used to...
 Yes, among other things, like face control. 
Vanilla Coke! 
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