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 Youth is wasted on the young as they say. 
 Great picture! I'm sure you cherish that one!
Putter fitting combined with a longer, smoother stroke(no acceleration) has me putting better than I ever have in my life.    I'm making alot of the short putts and my lag putting is good. Still need to work on the 15' footers more, I tend to be a bit tentative on them. 
 I don't. I cannot recall ever playing with someone like that. Exactly. Looking back at my scorecards, I actually did that once. Shot an 89 and hit 9 greens. Had four 3 putts and 39 putts total. LOL Hence the reason I went and got fit for a putter. I've been making more putts than ever before, but I have hardly practiced my putting this year!
Pants unless it's going to be warmer than 70. 
Love Golfshot! 
 That's all fine and well for a 1.2 handicap but the 20 handicappers out there need to learn how not to chunk and thin the ball around the course more than they need to develop a solid short game. 
 No, I hit this shot without hardly taking a divot. Sometimes I take no divot. 
 Wow, I thought my just over 2 hours golfing alone was fast. Fastest I've managed with another player is 2:30 or so. 
I can play 9 holes by myself on a cart in 65 minutes if there's nobody holding me up.    130-140 minutes for 18. 
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