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Yes. Like I said, you have to hit it a fraction thin to engage the vertical gear effect which will actually make the ball come off with more spin than a solid strike.....and since its hit thin, it comes out lower.I use this method for 40-70 yard pitches with my LW.
Likely a setup issue I would say.
You don't need the ball back in your stance nor do you need to hit down more to hit this shot. Ball in the middle or even forward of middle is best because it allows for a shallow angle of attack. I hit those shots with my LW, one hop and stop and barely take a divot and I'm consistent with it because I never bury the club in the ground. You also need to hit it a fraction thin to keep the launch low and the spin high. Hitting down excessively is what causes the...
I would say a 10% difference in spin among the high end/top grade balls is a significant difference. 
Bubba is a pretty weird guy all around I think.   This wasn't surprising. 
The e6 is a great ball. I played them many times in the past. They spin less than a ProV1 which will help mid-high handicappers hit it straighter.    I play the ProV1x now that I've learned how to hit it straight pretty consistently. : )
The part where Kostis said Sergio is "shallower" seems like BS to me. He takes beaver pelts with 4 irons. Heck he took a thin divot with his Driver that day.   Flatter swing plane? Sure. I don't think they're necessarily related though.  Curious what our instructors here think though. 
Yes, I never realized how little my front foot was flared until I took those videos.    I started flaring it more yesterday and could notice a difference right away. 
I agree with what you guys have posted. Those things are on my radar.    This year my main focus has been to eliminate the arm run off in my swing.  I think I have achieved that with the irons and still have a little ways to go with the woods. I used to get my left arm severely bent at the top of the backswing. One day I'd shoot 81 and the next day I'd shoot 90. Hitting anything more than a 6 iron off the deck was a crap shoot at best. My consistency is much better this...
New Posts  All Forums: