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Unless we are playing a competitive match, I always tell people they can play however they want, don't need my permission. Just don"t try to suggest you shot xx to beat me when you didn't count those drops and follow all etiquette.
Get rid of the tops, fats and wild drives and you should break 100 and 90 whether you care to or not!! :)
Agree with Mac. A person doesn't have to "hack it around" while working on their swing.
Nice pic! I remember that hole, and not because I played it well!! :(
Agreed. From what he's describing, a medium or high pitch with a SW or LW would be better.
Since I'm launching it lower though I'm able to take a shorter, more controlled swing than I would need if I were hitting the ball high.I hit all my pitches low unless the flag location calls for a high shot.
Yes. Like I said, you have to hit it a fraction thin to engage the vertical gear effect which will actually make the ball come off with more spin than a solid strike.....and since its hit thin, it comes out lower.I use this method for 40-70 yard pitches with my LW.
Likely a setup issue I would say.
You don't need the ball back in your stance nor do you need to hit down more to hit this shot. Ball in the middle or even forward of middle is best because it allows for a shallow angle of attack. I hit those shots with my LW, one hop and stop and barely take a divot and I'm consistent with it because I never bury the club in the ground. You also need to hit it a fraction thin to keep the launch low and the spin high. Hitting down excessively is what causes the...
New Posts  All Forums: