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 Watching the video it's easy to see that he's attempting to get rid of his inside takeaway but the problem is he is getting rid of it the same way most amateurs do, the wrong way. He pushes his hands out which keeps the club outside his hands.........so yeah, it gets rid of the inside takeaway but it does it the absolute wrong way.  Hands IN, club OUT is what he needs. Think of Rickie Fowler before Butch for an extreme example. I'd be surprised if Dan's *real* handicap...
Looks to me like he went from one horrible takeaway to another horrible takeaway.
Love it. Whenever I finish my man cave, I will have many pics like these hanging in there!
I lowered my handicap from 11 to 7.7 and shot a personal best 75, along with two 76s. If my putting was better I think I could have cut my handicap in half this year.
  I agree. Confidence in pressure situations will come from good scores and good shots. 
Watching Pro's hit the ball in person should have been at the top of his list when he embarked on this adventure so that he could get a perspective on how well they hit it. Seeing how the Pro's hit it gives the amateur golfer an idea of what a good player's shot looks like.  I haven't read all 90+ pages but it doesn't seem Dan has a very good plan. 
Beautiful pics, makes me want to go back and play like 8 courses.    I have been thinking about it already and these threads really make me wanna do it! :)
So he's been at this for 6 hours a day, 6 days a week for over 3 years and he's a 7 handicap or so? Might as well pack it in. Scratch will be tough, let alone the Pros.
Love Adams hybrids.
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