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  Thanks!   Here's some pictures I pulled off my phone real quick from a range session a couple weeks back. Right hand definitely looks stronger than what you are suggesting, no?    
When you don't shank it, what's your typical ball flight?
  mvmac,   As I mentioned earlier, I think my right hand grip may be too strong. It's definitely not in the spot you have shown in this picture. While I am really liking the feeling I'm getting from getting the grip more in the fingers of the left hand, I'm hitting some hooks again now. I had to purposely setup open last night and hit cuts because I was hooking everything when I tried to play my draw.    I'm going to go to the range tonight and experiment placing my right...
  Make an appt. to use a Trackman and see before you start fiddling with your swing.    Hitting down more may in fact REDUCE your distance. 
A push is when the path is going in-out and the face matches the path.    You either need to shift the path left so you can hit a straight ball at the target or get the face closed(to the path) so you can hit a push-draw.   Check your ball position, it might have drifted too far back. Moving the ball up in your stance would decrease the in-out of your swing and may get rid of the pushes. 
I tried putting my grip more in the fingers today and definitely noticed a difference. More consistent draws with few over draws. Didn't hit any hooks. Thanks guys!!
It just seems like the grip would be pretty strong in that position but I will have to give it a try.
Didn't really want to post a picture from another golf forum but this is the best picture I could find.    Would this be what you would like to see, Erik?   My grip is definitely NOT in this spot.       
  Thanks.   Maybe mine is not properly in the fingers. I will do some checking and try to post a picture. 
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