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Wow, quite the pompous man, aren't you?If you would prefer, next time I will just assume what you mean instead of asking. I prefer to keep the discussion honest and free of assumptions though.
  I'm not sure what you mean by that. How much do you think Tiger moves his head? How about Ben Hogan?
  Then why is it called "keeping your head down"?   No, pro's don't keep their heads "perfectly still". The best players to ever play the game lowered their head several inches. 
I don't think lifting the head is as common as many tend to think. And I would say of those that do lift their head, most do it because of another fault, like OTT. I'm curious what the instructors here have to say about it.
If you have a club that goes 110 with a normal swing, hit that club. If you don't, then choke down and/or make a shorter swing to fit the yardage. Those shots are all about practice.
If the arm swing keeps going after the shoulder turn has finished, the arms can get stuck behind the body during the downswing. This guy is guilty of that. I'm working on lessening my right arm bend to keep the arm swing shorter.
Ball starting at target and curving right = clubface pointed at target and path left of target. Assuming you are hitting the ball in the center of the face. Golf Pride website has a measurement tool to see if you need larger grips.
Good advice by Colin. I would not try to add lag. Lag is a byproduct, not something you just go get.
  Watch Mr. Haverkamp on Caddyshack if you can't visualize it! Lol  
IMO, neutral would be parallel to the angle of inclination(some call it spine angle).
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