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Sounds like they were hitting punch shots to keep them under the wind.    Taking a longer/less lofted club and swinging easier is the preferred way to hit the ball lower and keep it under the wind.    It's not really a "stock" shot, it's something they use for when the situation calls for it.    Practicing it could be useful though, just depends on the person, honestly. 
You need to get your path closer to square(less out-in). 
 I'm just going by what the OP said but........ 
So it's 154 yards from the red tee to the water, am I reading that right? Looks like a 170-180 yard tee shot aimed up the middle leaves you in the fairway or just through it(in left rough) and then you have another 170 yard shot to the green.    If you're not comfortable carrying the water, that's the way to play it IMO. You gotta play with what you have, not what you wish you had.   There's a 290 yard Par 4 at my home course where I routinely hit a 5 iron(180 yard...
This is why we never should have invaded in the first place.    The USA(or any other country) won't sacrifice the blood and treasure to stay there for 30 years until Iraq became stable.   The entire thing was a pie in the sky dream and it's a shame we lost thousands of lives and a Trillion dollars on it.    As was mentioned there is now a power vacuum and a monster worse than Saddam may have been created. 
 Yeah, gotta love the people who keep their head down so much that they're still looking at where the ball was when they are at the finish of their swing. The finish which is very short because they can't rotate their body at all because they're trying to "keep their head down".  
I wouldn't say that is necessaryily true.
You didn't do anything wrong.   I once shattered the windshield on a golf cart. After hitting his ball, the guy drove up the fairway 100 yards out of my reach and then drove back towards us right before I started my backswing. Ball is in the air and he's driving right towards where it's gonna land. Hit his windshield really hard, heard it crack from the tee. He was pissed but I didn't apologize or offer to pay for it. Not my fault.
 How does playing on frozen ground damage the course? I'm not doubting you, just asking because I don't know.
Courses in South Dakota cover their greens with sand before the first snowstorm hits(usually in November). That seems to help protect them.   Yesterday and today were 65+ degrees so that will help alot. All the snow is now gone. The course will be open the last week in March I'm betting.
New Posts  All Forums: