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I realize there's some variance to the grips used but I am curious where you guys like to see the V's of the hands lined up as a general rule of thumb.   Both at the right shoulder?   Somewhere else?   I am experimenting with a more neutral left hand position. It gets rid of the pull draws, but I tend to hit more pushes.   When I use a strong left hand grip(3 knuckles), I start hitting pull draws. I'm thinking maybe my right hand grip is too...
I'm hitting the ball pretty well for this early in the year and I'm excited with how my swing is looking.  
Draw biased clubs will cause the ball to start more left(relative to a neutral club) along with one of the following two things, assuming you're not hitting a dead straight shot, which is pretty hard. : )   Less fade spin for people who leave the face open to the path.   More draw spin for people who get the face closed to the path. 
There's about 40 yards between a 85 MPH 4 iron and a 100 MPH 4 iron.   What would your average distance be on a decent hit? Not a duff,skull, etc. 
There's nothing wrong with aiming left for a fade. Unless you're playing a pull fade, you'd have to aim left to hit your target.    People often recommend slicers/faders aim right in an attempt to get them to not swing over the top. Works for some people, doesn't for others. 
Using different words for them is acceptable I guess.   I just hate all of this talk about hitting a draw with an open face, it just confuses people even more. 
  In relation to what? 
  My point was that the golf ball has zero clue whether your path is inside out or outside-in. Because of that if the face is open to the path, the ball will cut. If the ball only cut when the path was outside-in, that would imply that the golf ball knows when the path is outside-in. It doesn't.   Inside-out and outside-in are terms created by the golfing community. It's dictated by the stance line. These terms mean nothing to the golf ball. The ball is hit by a face with...
Haha....cheers to that!
    You said a cut can't be hit with any path.   That implies that the golf ball somehow knows what the path is. The golf ball doesn't know anything about the path.    Two swings:   Stance line 10 degrees open, path 10 degrees inside out, face 2 degrees open to the path.   Stance line 10 degrees closed, path 10 degrees outside in, face 2 degrees open to the path.    Assuming same quality of contact, swing speed, dynamic loft, etc. there is zero difference in these shots...
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