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Good advice by Colin. I would not try to add lag. Lag is a byproduct, not something you just go get.
  Watch Mr. Haverkamp on Caddyshack if you can't visualize it! Lol  
IMO, neutral would be parallel to the angle of inclination(some call it spine angle).
Yes, closed.   But quite common as well.
When teeing the ball lower you might be coming down steep and flipping.
If there is trouble on the left and I want to make sure I don't pull the ball, I will try to keep my right foot down longer in the downswing. I do the same for punch shots. Works for me.
You are likely hitting down on the ball excessively. I went from hitting some of the lowest drives my playing partners had ever seen to a much higher ball flight. I'm carrying the ball much further.
It probably wasn't in the picture but I am doing so now(more perpendicular).
  Thanks!   Here's some pictures I pulled off my phone real quick from a range session a couple weeks back. Right hand definitely looks stronger than what you are suggesting, no?    
When you don't shank it, what's your typical ball flight?
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