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LOL. The ball doesn't have a clue what kind of path it has been hit with, whether it be inside-out or outside-in because the ball doesn't know what your stance line is. It reacts based on whether the face is open, square or closed to the path. 
A cut can be hit with any path. The face simply needs to be open to that path.
It didn't look like counter-rotating to me but she certainly stalls during the impact zone. 
I think that was just an idiosyncrasy Hogan had that other people have followed. Getting to that finish position might help someone who fights the hooks straighten out their ball flight though.
Swinging steeper reduces dynamic loft. It makes the ball go lower with less spin. 
  I did a double facepalm when I watched that live on TV.    Poor Romo, 3 months from now he'll be spinning his hips, on his back foot and his index will have gone up by 4 shots. 
I said no such thing.
I agree with this. Short game doesn't mean much if you're duffing the ball to the hole 40 yards at a time. 
A secret for his swing, sure.    A secret for everyone's swing, not a chance.    You'll learn more from beating balls than you will reading all of this stuff about Hogan's "secret". 
Like an iron. Pretty much the same ball placement as my 4 iron. 
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