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Keep it going guys, you'll be better for it.   I quit smoking on November 17th. 
Most people don't know how to practice effectively or they just don't have the discipline. Which is why most never improve anymore than a negligible amount.
I agree with Mac. Don't hold your lag or consciously release the club. Proper Lag and release are an outcome, caused by other movements. Those movements are what the golfer should focus on.
The club releases as an effect of what the golfer is doing. If a golfer does the correct things then the proper release will happen. Nobody who plays good golf tries to time the release on all of their shots.
 It's mechanics, pure and simple.  Most of them are not 240 pounds, not at all. I'm 6' 2", 195 pounds and I'm still average/thin build. If they were 45 more pounds with 2 less inches less height, they'd be fat. 
Donald Trump is a major ass. The fact that he likes golf makes him slightly more tolerable.
A guy on YouTube did a comparison with an XHot and an old Big Berths and the difference was only 8 yards. Same ball
 So on anything besides his best shots, he lost 30 yards of carry?  I don't think so.
 What?  You've been telling us this whole time Jack couldn't carry a creek 230 yards out and now he carried it 260?
Swinging hard doesn't mean the ball with go far. It's all about making the proper movements. I don't feel like I swing any harder today than I did 5 years ago, but guess what, I carry the ball 50 yards further. 
New Posts  All Forums: