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 I still can't fathom how you're gaining 33% more swing speed. 
 So what is your normal swing speed MPH and your "all out" MPH?
 At least 50 guys on the PGA Tour never carried a ball 300 yards in 2013 during competition. I won't believe they never once gave it their 100% swing.  http://www.pgatour.com/stats/stat.02409.2013.html I'm skeptical of this 80% talk that is thrown around too, even though they say it.
 I don't think so.  At least 50 guys on tour in 2013 never carried a ball 300 yards. That's what the stats say. 
 What sites were those?
 Colt Knost was ranked dead last in carry distance for 2013 and his average carry distance was 251.9 yards. The longest was Nicolas Colsaerts at 302.1 yards. Sure, there's some courses where these guys get 50 yards of roll, but even then, they're carrying it far past 230. At my home course there's a bunker on one of the Par 5's that is 250 to carry. I can carry it when I'm hitting the ball well. When I'm not, I have to aim away from the bunker. It cuts 20-30 yards off the...
I see now that I'm on a laptop. All I saw on my phone was "weight forward". I did watch the video though, I just wasn't sure whether you were referring me to the weight forward or the turn part. 
My weight isn't far enough forward? I'm well aware weight forward is important but I never would have thought I was lacking there.
Never got around to posting this, but I shot two rounds in the 70's last year.......a 76 and 77 at courses rated at 70/120 and 70.2/119. I was really happy to do that. I played a round on President's Day and surprisingly had little rust and my swing was feeling great on the back 9.    Here's some swings from last year. I know I need to shorten my arm swing by keeping my right arm straighter(less bent), that is my priority this year. I'm also wondering though, do I have...
First of all, this is a good problem. :) It will take a few rounds minimum. Just enjoy yourself and you'll adjust eventually. If I fly the green I never get upset unless there's a hazard, OB or something else that is bad back there. Don't be mad at yourself for hitting a shot too good.
New Posts  All Forums: