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Charlie's coach could really use a cheeseburger. : )
 Agreed. When a person attains a level of proficiency with something, thinking about it is enough to make it happen.  Novices need instruction, drills, etc.
Good video, I'm also a fan of his channel. 
 The Trackman people themselves say that as the angle of attack gets steeper the dynamic loft tends to be reduced along with it. Granted yeah, they're measuring more tour players and decent golfers than high handicappers so you might be right about the high handicappers.  But for people who don't flip at the ball, steepening the angle of attack will in most cases reduce dynamic loft, leading to lower shots without adding spin.
A steeper angle of attack most often results in less dynamic loft as well. The result of that is less spin as compared to a shallow angle of attack with more dynamic loft.    Spin is determined by spin loft(the difference between AoA and dynamic loft). There's lots of reading out there about this if you Google "trackman laws", "trackman ball flight", etc.   Here's one link I found real quick.  http://nccga.org/the-science-of-spin-angle-of-attack/   There's plenty of...
 I'll probably have to go with public transport (or with you) then, I'm not to keen on driving on the left side of the road my first time in the middle of Dublin.  I will continue to keep you posted. Cheers.
Hopefulhacker, we are looking at renting an apartment for a few days while we are in Dublin. It's in the city center which will be great for visiting shops and pubs. We won't have a car while in Dublin. I haven't decided whether I'm going to play Portmarnock, The Island or Corballis yet(maybe even two of them). I see there's public transit available but I'm thinking I might be better off hitching a taxi to the course?
Those are gross generalizations. Steeper angles don't typically create more spin and spin doesn't neccesarily kill distance.
How far ahead of time do I need to book Lahinch and Ballybunion? A month? I assume I don't need to book real far ahead for the less prestigious courses. Is a week sufficient? We will be in Ireland from May 16-23rd.
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