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I have a Medicus Driver and 5-iron. I agree with what the thread's creator said. They are both great clubs. It teaches a smooth(albeit slow) tempo of the golf club and teaches you how the golf club should move throughout the swing.
Irons should be swung at a steeper angle because you stand closer to the ball with irons than woods(because irons are shorter). The steeper angle will encourage a downward strike. With the proper setup if you return the club to the same angle as you had at address you will have the correct angle for a good downward strike.
The difference is he's a +4 and you're a 20.
Tiger has two kids now(Sam and Charlie), no kid on the way anymore.
Turn on Tour Pro mode with lightning fast greens and fairways.......it is an EPIC test of video game golf skills. I've shot a 48 on TW '09 on the hard setting but Tour Pro is a whole 'nother world.
Good eye, that is pretty amazing, his head stays in almost the exact same spot horizontally and dips very minimally on the downswing. Better "head action" than Tiger!!
Could you put it on DVD for me? I'd pay for shipping and throw in a little extra for your trouble.
It seems you've never taken part in a sporting event and been in the zone.
Be aware of your balance and any body movement during the swing, you don't want your weight shifting on your toes or heels or your upper body swaying towards or away from your target.
I apologize for asking for other people's thoughts, I will defer to your ASTOUNDINZG and VAST knowledge about EVERYTHING from now on. Didn't realize you owned TST.
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