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Anything I need to know when installing a grip? I've got a kit that I bought at Austad's and a grip also. The kit has some alcohol type stuff to clean off the old goop I assume, new grip adhesive as well. I assume the shaft should be warmed to room temperature before installing the grip?
^^^^^^^^^^^^ Exactly!
^^^^^^^^^ I agree 100%. People are taught how to handle normal driving but almost anyone can do that. They never teach how to drive in rain, ice, snow or when the car is out of control. They need to take kids to a large empty parking lot where people with driving experience can wear the proper safety gear, with medical personnal on hand to show them how to correct mistakes. Now I'm not talking about sliding corners at 60 MPH, I'm just saying some fairly low speed stuff...
I checked and my hybrids have the Nickent SR2.5 shaft, regular flex, so that's what I'm looking for. Thanks, Joel
Is the rule change really going to make that much of a difference to say a 10 handicap(where I hope to be soon). :) Or is this something that only a pro is going to notice in the US Open when they're hitting in 3" of rough 90 yards from the green?
That's exactly what I had to do to get a better ball flight. I used to hit 9 irons that looked like 5 irons(and they didn't go that far. Now after learning to hit down on the ball(and hit the ball before the dirt) I can hit all my clubs high or low.
^^^^^^^^^ I absolutely agree. On a side note, lengthening the course hurts the players that don't hit the ball long, they are forced to try and hit long irons into blazing fast greens and then make the ball stop on these greens. The game of golf has changed, a long drive makes a big difference now(and you don't have to be as accurate). IMO more emphasis needs to be put on iron play and putting.
Just so we're on the same page, you are talking about the bone between the end of your thumb and the beginning of the wrist(where the wrist would cock in the golf swing)? I broke that same bone about 8 years ago(when I was 14). Hopefully yours isn't broken as bad as mine was. I had to wear a cast up to my shoulder for about 8 weeks, then they cut it down to just below my elbow for 4 weeks and then they cut it down to just above my wrist for about 2 weeks. Golfing that...
I like my Cleveland 588 DSG. Easy to open the face and cut it through the grass when you need a shot with higher trajectory.
You'd have to be nuts to purposely embarrass yourself in the celeb tournaments like he does. He obviously loves the game, I hope it works out for him.
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