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You might be standing too far from the ball and instinctively moving towards the ball to compensate on the downswing.
Does your course have a range? I would work on your iron play if it's not really possible to work on your short game right now. Sounds like you need work mostly with irons off the grass. I would suggest investing in a sand wedge as well. Get a putter that you're comfortable with so you can work on your short game when the time comes that it's possible.
Maybe it's just becuase you're not loose and warmed up? I have that problem whenever I'm at Austad's. My body isn't loose so I'm just throwing my arms at the ball and that's it, until I get loose.
If you are wearing holes in your gloves your grip needs some work.
I have the same problem. After doing some practice swings in the garage it seems that I'm standing too close to the ball. I'm going to try and work on standing further away next time at the range. Hard habit to break though.
I never cock my wrists for chip shots. For pitches I do a little bit. For flop shots I do alot.
Don't worry about it. You won't be even close to the first person to hack up the course and you won't be the last. Money is more prevalent in golf than skill, millionaire 30 handicaps probably play out there everyday. LOL
Hold your hand out directly in front of you with your wrist flat along your arm. Now tip your hand up so you can see the whole backside of your hand. This is a cupped wrist. Hold your hand out directly in front of you with your wrist flat again, now bend your wrist so that you can see your palm, now your wrist is in a bowed position.
Nickent 3DX RC hybrid/iron sets are inexpensive and great. The Hybrids alone are worth their weight in gold.
Maybe your forearm rotation is screwing it up?
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