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Anybody got any tips or know of something I can read to stop this? Sometimes I get stuck on the downswing and obviously it's very tricky to use your hands to get everything squared up. I know from watching my swing on video that the clubhead is too far inside on the downswing, I'm hoping to get the shaft more down the line when the club is parallel to the ground, instead of the butt of the club pointing right like it is now.
Yes and Yes. my .02
One benefit of getting a smaller headed driver is that I won't feel like I'm swinging a shovel. I just plain old don't like the look of a 460cc clubhead at address. I don't think a 460cc driver is necessary for someone of my athletic ability. I've been looking at them a little bit and I like the looks of them but I've never hit one. What's the look and feel like at address compared to a 975J or something similar?
I'm looking for a Nickent 3DX RC 2IW hybrid with regular flex graphite shaft. I believe my 3 and 4 are the UST shafts but I'll have to check. New or used is fine, as long as it's in good condition. Please include an asking price.
I have nothing Taylor Made in my bag. Right now I'm using a Dunlop driver that came in a set I bought about 10 years ago at K-Mart.
Hey guys, I found this on E-bay. I'm gonna bid on it. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...m=110359032345 If I win it we'll see how I like it, if I don't I can put it on ebay again and get something else. Thanks for the help so far, much appreciated.
Update. 5 out of 6. Couldn't resist.
I'm highmark20 on XBox Live. I have Tiger Woods 08. Gonna get '09 soon. Add me if you like. Just let me know who you are. If I played golf in real life like I did on XBox 360 I'd have a few majors. LOL :)
Thanks, I'll keep that in mind. How can I find out the shaft weight if it's not listed on the description of the club? Just go to the shaft maker's website? I'm not looking for a 460cc driver.
The closest golf shop is 100 miles away, they don't carry "old" clubs and it seems they just wants to sell $300 drivers and I don't have the money for that so I'm basically at the mercy of online reviews and trying out friend's clubs when choosing a new club. I definitely need something that will give me a higher trajectory. From what I am reading it seems that the general concencus is that Titleist drivers are not as forgiving as the other brands. I am really not a...
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