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Natalie's head appears to move mostly after the ball is gone though.
I hope not!
I like the Top Flite D2 Feel. Been playing them since the beginning of the 2008 season. I have a small slice off the tee with my driver and this ball reduces it nicely. The feel off the irons is great, better than I expected for being $15 for 15 balls. Spin around the greens is decent and consistant. Alignment mark for putting works great too.
I've got the 3DX RC's and I've never hit the ball better. Hoping to start the season soon(whenever the weather shapes up!!!!).
You guys should get off the soapbox and feel privileged that you get to watch one of the best athletes ever play live on TV(or in person). Take Tiger Woods away from golf and the game would be in a totally different state from where it's at today, and not for the better.
AMEN!!! Can you blame her after certain people in the black community wanted her burned at the stake for a joke that just came out wrong. Although I still agree that she lays it on a little thick.
A vast majority of the pro's take their grip before taking their stance, then line up the clubface to the target while their chest is still facing the target(and step in with right foot first). Then they step in with their left foot, aligning their feet parallel to the target line, some of them re-grip before taking their swing, some don't. After all this has been done they are ready to swing.
I have both the dual Hinge Medicus driver and the 5 iron. I might be willing to trade for your 3 wood, don't need the 5 wood.
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