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I never cock my wrists for chip shots. For pitches I do a little bit. For flop shots I do alot.
Don't worry about it. You won't be even close to the first person to hack up the course and you won't be the last. Money is more prevalent in golf than skill, millionaire 30 handicaps probably play out there everyday. LOL
Hold your hand out directly in front of you with your wrist flat along your arm. Now tip your hand up so you can see the whole backside of your hand. This is a cupped wrist. Hold your hand out directly in front of you with your wrist flat again, now bend your wrist so that you can see your palm, now your wrist is in a bowed position.
Nickent 3DX RC hybrid/iron sets are inexpensive and great. The Hybrids alone are worth their weight in gold.
Maybe your forearm rotation is screwing it up?
Wrist cock is something that should happing pretty naturally with a good takeaway and grip. I used to consciously cock my wrists but after working on my takeaway and grip it happens pretty much all by itself now. Make sure you don't cup your wrist much(or at all) when your wrists cock. That's the slicer's death move, along with coming over the top.
His swing is great, I'd take it in a heartbeat. The issue is that he's trying to place the blame on the course when he's the guy responsible for the scores he shot. If one person can play the course well then everybody should be able to. Last I checked there's no cyborgs on the PGA Tour. Well except for Tiger.
You're going to judge 330 million people on the comments of one person?
At the end of his career when he's wondering, why did it take me so long to win a major or why didn't I win more of them all he has to do is look in the mirror for the answer.
I don't ever add my score up until the round is over. I write down the score for each hole and immediately put the scorecard away. The less I see the numbers and think about them the better I play.
New Posts  All Forums: