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As 23Rounder said the attitude of the whole tournament has changed. The players are scared to try for an eagle because if they end up with a double bogey there isn't enough chances to get those strokes back. Everyone is out there to protect par.
1. Rory McIlroy 2. Camilo Villegas 3. Anthony Kim 4. Ryo Ishikawa 5. Danny Lee There's my guess.
It happens naturally. If the golfer continued to move their hands forward at the same speed as before they would have them so far forward by the time they released the lag and squared the clubface that a shot with a 7 iron would have the trajectory of a 2 iron. Not to mention it would be just totally unnatural to have your hands that far forward.
Being a young person myself(22), Rory has alot of qualities that many younger people don't have nowadays and could surely use. Number #1 being respect.
And shouldn't a draw work better in the wind as the trajectory of a draw is(typically) lower than a fade?
Wow that was a cool shot. I had other stuff going on so I never got to watch yesterday. The chip-in that Nick Watney just had about 2 minutes ago on the 9th between the tower and grandstands was pretty sweet too.
I agree, a little personality is nice. Not the standard BS of, "Well I didn't hit the ball today and well as I'd like to". Meanwhile everyone is watching this on TV and the player has a smile on their face while they're saying this. Who smiles while they are talking about something that upsets them?
I don't get what the difference is? In that second part do you mean that if the right knee moves out away in front of the body(and not in any way towards the target)?
I miss seeing Charlotte on TV, she's sexy!
What worked for me was just telling myself, "Hold the lag for as long as you possibly can on this shot". In actuality it will just be as long as your brain thinks you can, there's always more to be had. After he gets into the mental state of "Hey, I can hold the lag longer and still square the face at impact", he can work on holding his lag even longer after that, working on this for a while has really improved my ball striking, distance and accuracy, although I still have...
New Posts  All Forums: