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Yep I got mine and absolutely love it. You will not be disappointed. I love the heavier feel to it and have the 33" as well.
I spent $289 on my SC. I figure since almost half my shots on a course are with my putter, might as well get a nice one because I'll definitely get my money's worth.
I always try to make sure I swing down on the ball and make contact with the ball on my downswing. I would try to put the ball back in your stance further because it sounds like you are making contact with the ball on your upswing. I'm sure more knowledgable people out there might have some better advice but this is what works for me.
Drink some pepto bismol...
I find that I putt better when I line the label or the seam up to where it is parallel to my putter head. I feel I have more room to "miss" and don't have to roll it so perfectly to make a putt. If I line the arrow up on the pro v1's, it seems like I have no margin for error as well as not being able to line it up correctly. Not sure if that made any sense but the bottom line is that I prefer to line the label up vertically from when I am standing over the putt.
I enjoy the 4 hole playoff at the BRITISH Open, but am not opposed to all majors being 18 hole playoffs. Sudden death is fine for regular events.
I am a staff accountant for an IT distributor.
That's why I always take the club I want to hit and then club up to make sure I get it there. It usually makes me slow down my swing so I don't get too quick with it and crushes the ball the right distance. Direction is a different story, lol.
QFT! These are great.
I definitely agree with keeping your left wrist in the same position and not scooping. I try to keep my wrists firm and swing through the ball and not at the ball. Don't decelerate either and be sure to follow through. If I am right next to the green I like using the 8 iron as well. You don't have to worry about hitting under the ball and chilly dipping it as it usually (for me) gets a good trajectory and good roll.
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