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Use a G5 or a G10 for a round. You'll sing a different tune.[/QUOTE] Too much $$ for a G10 and not interested in a G5. I can get all of the drivers I mentioned for pretty cheap.
I'd hate to say it, but let me do what I want, and I'll let you do what you want. I'm just going to take off my signature and not let anyone know if I get new clubs if I keep getting responses telling me what to and what not to do.I'm not losing any $$ here. I just sell it and buy a new one for the same or less $$ than I got. If anything, I gain cash. The square shape and the noise has definately got to me. It sounds a feels the same as when I top one 10 yds and when I...
Ok, so long story - I hate my driver. Don't feel like explaining the whole thing, but I'd like a new one. Which one do you prefer and why? I'd prefer a TaylorMade, but a Titleist will do. No other brands. I like the idea of movable weights as well.
My computer doesn't support XP - I still found a way around it!
Depends on your age. If you are still growing, forget about the length of the clubs. I got regular sized clubs when I was about 5'2", and I'm not 5'8" only 5 months later.
Year round here. Although the summer down here is almost as unbearable as the winters up north.
Sounds like your computer is full of all kinds of sh.t causing it to load slowly. A fresh new computer with XP loads faster than a fresh new computer with Vista.
Seeing how both of the drivers are 460cc and the same shape - I would say yes. The 5300 headcover suckssssssss
Which do you use and which do you like better? (If you use an older version of Windows, Linux, or have an Apple, just don't post) I had Vista on my laptop for about a year. It was always SOOOOOO slow and so hard to find stuff on. Last night I finally just said forget it and reformatted my hd and put XP on it. Can't be happier. Other than the fact that Toshiba doesn't really have any built in drivers for XP and I had to go online and find drivers for the particular...
It could. Confidence plays a huge role in putting. If you are more confident with a Cameron than you are with some putter in your garage - you'll do better with the Cameron.
New Posts  All Forums: