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It's pronounced with the "jay" instead of "yay", http://inogolo.com/pronunciation/d145/Camilo_Villegas verified by Camilio himself. http://www.golf.com/golf/tours_news/...678835,00.html http://www.thegolfchannel.com/core.a...FD22A1219072#7 Some spanish dialects pronounce the double L's as "J" instead of the norm "Y".
Ya, It's kinda hard for us to make a recomendation when we have no idea what it is you're trying to do. Replacing the 5W with a hybrid? Or getting a hybrid just get one? Is there a particular reason you want the hybrid? a yardage you need filled? etc...
You CAN'T change the loft of a driver anymore than you can any other club. But you can change your launch angle by opening/closing the face, ball position, ball types, and of course shafts. If you are getting high launch angles that are causing you distance, abd you don't think it's your swing or don't want to change your swing then a new shaft is your best bet. But IMHO, if you are getting extreme launch angles then there's something in your swing/setup causing it.
Just keep it clean and dry. I've had my SM Oilcan for 6 months and the finish is perfect everywhere except obviously the face and sole. Just wipe it dry after using/cleaning. To spot clean that surface rust spot just use water and a towel. Once it's off, just keep it dry and it won't rust. Rust needs 3 things- oxygen, water, iron.
I was thinking the same thing...$2 2 liter of coke...and you can drink what you don't use. Plus it does all the work for you. Put it in a pan with the wedge and soak it overnight. No rubbing. No wirebrushing. Just wipe it dry.
Gross as it sounds, spit works wonders. At the range when I'm practicing, I'll put a lil spit on the club face, on both irons and driver, and wipe it clean/dry. Not only will it show you exactly where you are hitting on the clubface for 10 shots, it also shows the compression on the driver face.
Your's was quite a well written review, and combined with the site's review gives a complete overview on functions and operation not covered individually. Thanks for taking the time to write it
Wow. I read your blogs...then read your posts on this forum...then read your blogs... Again, I strongly urge people to take his pov with a grain of salt. I'll take the high road and leave it at that.
Seriously tho, who cares what any of us think. If the 7w is the club for you for that distance, then use it. As Iacas said, VJ does. And I just watched Allenby..or was it Appleby hit a 7W onto the par3 6th at the pga championship. I don't carry a 5 or 7 because, well, I like my hybrids and hit them well both off the fairways and rough. I would think that a hybrid might be better out of the rough than a 7w, but it's all personal preference.
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